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Wake Up, America!

wake up america, socialism, racismI will touch on a number of areas in this article in which a wake-up call is sorely needed and long overdue. I encourage you to read it all, resolve to make a difference while you can, and share your resolve with others!

Wake Up To Individual Responsibility

Let’s talk first about you as an individual. The 8 years under Barack Obama saw a drastic decline in jobs and a plummeting economy. Many even gave up the search for jobs and struggled to survive on government welfare. But our country is changing now. It’s a new day!

So why worry about what someone else has? You can now choose to use your time and energy to help yourself. If you need a job, try to qualify for some available job, or learn where you can get the training you need for that job as well as any job you might be considering. There are vocational schools, and job training schools, and some companies may even offer on-the-job training. Do what you have to do to become a productive citizen and job holder. Your self-worth and human dignity will have a chance to skyrocket! And above all, quit thinking of yourself as a victim!

Now, welfare is often needed for a time. But don’t depend upon welfare any longer than necessary. Your achievement level, and your self-worth suffer if you are jobless. A lack of self-worth (dignity) for a long period of time can lead to big trouble and poor judgement.

What is Racism?

Our country and its people are being bombarded too many cries of racism from too many people!  We need to define racism and define it correctly.

True racism should be defined as prejudiced or actions against a person based entirely on their race, color, ethnicity, or religion. This is wrong. Our Constitution declares this.

But there is a huge difference when the opinions and actions of any person violates the guaranteed rights and freedoms of another. Then it is not a matter of race, but of the violation of the human rights of another.

I am hearing loudly from too many people who falsely accuse others of racism, when the person being accused simply holds a different opinion from someone else. A difference of opinion does not constitute racism. And yet the Democrats Socialists, in an illegal and immoral manner, accuse those who politically disagree with them as being racist. This can never be acceptable in our country.

Any person who falsely accuses another of racism had better have proof – and the radical cries of racism I’ve heard all over the news lately are lacking that proof, in my opinion.

What is True Freedom?

Part of our American system is freedom within the law – freedom to think differently… But always to guarantee individual rights of others… staying within the nation’s Freedom Clause. Our laws, our Constitution, is the means by which all can have freedom, not just some.

Our Constitution guarantees freedom for all. When our country’s laws are broken by unfair cries of racism, then no one has any freedom of speech. Is our system perfect? No… But it isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect. There has been only one perfect man who walked on earth… Jesus Christ… And they crucified him!!

When have we ever heard of a country with a dictator or King who guaranteed to each of its citizens peace and safety, the right to promote themselves, to raise their position financially, to have free speech, to have opportunity, to pass on to their children their possessions? We will come, full circle, back to the United States of America. Even the so-called democracies, as few as they are, are not the USA.

How did our country arrive at greatness? By promoting freedom within the laws!

Where Do Communism and Socialism Lead?

Socialism and Communism (Russian type) arrive at the same destination, once established. Big government, a ruling Elite, and a massive number of people in poverty, without most freedoms and without much hope.

I have a message for the Socialists of this country: the common people have finally figured out that the purpose of Socialism is to establish a ruling Elite, with a power structure that the common people cannot be a part of… Such a power structure promotes big government, very limited accountability, and the lowest level of freedom possible without an outright rebellion.

During the Obama years, job losses and manufacturing losses were very costly. This is what Socialism does, although there can be other factors as well. With Socialism at its peak, the common man has little hope. Just look at Venezuela today. Hyperinflation continues to run rampant, people are literally starving, and there are open, violent rebellions throughout the country.  Many are trying to escape the borders to another country where they hope to discover less horror than the reality they are facing in their homeland. This, my friend, is a snapshot of where Socialism will lead us.

President Trump may have caught the downturn in time. With Socialism, the common man can have no real hope. Socialism will never abandon big government and the return to the principles that made our country great.

Voters, Awake!

Lovers of freedom and opportunity for all; don’t vote for those whose party has specialized in empty and broken promises for decades. Find out exactly what candidates for office believe and why… And be aware that Socialism cannot possibly solve any government problem.

Scandal in High Places

We are uncovering perhaps the biggest government scandal of all times, wrongdoing by high government officials in the FBI and Department of Justice. Socialism has long tried to trash democracy and fair play, and election of Socialists can only lead to an absolute dictatorship.

After all, if you can’t trust your justice department to be impartial, then who can you trust?

The Left (liberals, Socialists and others) have also embraced violence in civil matters and have turned a blind eye to anarchism when it has served their selfish purposes. And the terms that Socialists have called honest citizens… racists, hate mongers, xenophobes, islamophobes, etc. do not befit honest members of society.

Don’t be fooled by their “new” name – Progressives – which sounds so forward thinking and benign. This is the current Democratic party – radical in their leanings and intent on regaining power and putting us back under poverty and dependence on big government.  My friends, the end result will be nothing short of disaster and loss of your freedoms, higher taxes, fewer jobs and severely restricted freedom of speech.

What is really happening is this… The Trump haters, Socialists, and the lawbreakers throw accusation with these false and hateful names, towards anyone who disagrees with the Socialist’s position. And they will attempt to demonize anyone who disagrees.

I have never been one to state an idea without a complete picture of my belief and why I feel the way I do! The Socialists I have observed avoid all such reason. They will deny, blame, lie, cheat and steal to deceive, instead of simply giving an honest answer.

Let Me Be Clear

I do not say that all who have a liberal point of view on any number of issues agree with the Socialistic position. What I AM saying is that the current Democratic party has moved radically Left, all the while cloaking their agenda with code words that “sound good”, and are engaging in outright deception to regain control of this country. In case you want to study further, just look up Hillary Clinton’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, and his “Rules for Radicals”. It’s true folks – this is the trail we’ve been going down, and the destination is nothing short of utter chaos and loss of freedoms for the American people.

You Are Never Too Old to Be a Student

I happen to be a student of the Bible. It helps me to explain and understand many things. There are particular phrases in the Bible that are really comparisons and not literal facts. Much of this comes from language interpretation.

Just like in the Bible, one must interpret the true meaning of the statement. Following is an very old truism, not from the Bible, but true nonetheless…  

“He who steals my purse steals trash… But he who steals my good name steals that which not enriches him, but makes me poor, indeed.”

The Left, the Socialists, steal the good name, (or at least attempt to) from all who disagree with them on anything, and give them no chance to explain their position.

In the Bible, Jesus calls out the Scribes and Pharisees for their behavior. Jesus said also, that the Jewish religious leaders washed the outside of the cup and left the inside dirty and filthy. Can you not see, dear reader, a definite resemblance to the behavior of the Socialists, individually and as a group?

Can you also see that calling a particular party (in this case, the Socialist Democrats) out on wrong behavior does not make one worthy of hatred and violence?

Demonize, Discredit and Deny

And now back to the Socialists… Every vile trick known to man has been tried by the Left to discredit and to demonize their enemies – good Americans. I personally saw what Socialism was doing many years ago. Many are just now realizing it. It’s just that too many good, honest people weren’t necessarily students of government back through the years.

It is now time for those who love liberty to see what I see. Socialism is opposed to law and order, to personal freedom, to common sense, and to national security. Socialists do not care about freedom for all. They care about protecting a form of government by an Elite ruling class, that is essentially no better than a third-world dictatorship!! We see, especially of late, the half-truths, lies, made up stories, interconnected wrongdoings, and a swamp-ridden, out-of-control government at the top of some of our agencies. The liberal-left is determined to defy law & order, responsibility and transparency even at the top level of our law enforcement.

I am hoping that we will be seeing the demise of the present Democratic party, with their greedy paws, trying to trash our country’s values. No one’s reputation is safe, no one’s gains in life are applauded, no one can begin to fathom the damage to the American way of life when Socialists are in control. Let me repeat what I have written in prior articles… If you are not safe and secure… You are not free! You can have freedom if you have law and order. If you have no freedom, you have no opportunity, and you have no safety, either.

It’s All About Liberty

A citizen of the USA has a life that is all about liberty. The Revolutionary War won our freedom and loosed us from the shackles of the King of England. You cannot have liberty for all and trash the liberty of some. You cannot have liberty for anyone without laws that cherish liberty for all.

Socialism is not about freedom for all. It is about freedom for self-appointed leaders, and little or nothing but dependence for the rest of us.

As I view TV today and listen to the liberal guests on many programs, the Socialistic response is completely true to form. Socialistic liberals will never answer direct questions. They bring up a whale to hide the hidden deeds of a rat.

The Socialists have taken a wonderful country to the brink of the cliff, ready to be pushed over the edge. Can we forgive them? Yes!! But the laws of our land must stand!! Liberals are guilty of trashing our Constitution and stealing our liberties. Their actions must be punished, regardless of who they are, and what their position is or has been. This includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and all other guilty parties. If they are not punished and severely punished, then we will have sent a message to everyone that there is no justice!!

The Ploy to Drop the Hammer

I never realized that the constant hammering of words could perhaps change the meaning of such words in public perception. The Socialist believes that you are racist if in any way you disagree with him. You are the subject to many scandalous names if you dare disagree with a Socialist. They hope by such repetitive hammering to convince others to agree with them on their narcissistic views.

So the Socialists of today are the absolute enemy of truth, freedom, safety, opportunity and well-being. It has become all about freedom for the Socialists and not for anyone else.

You Still Have a Voice – You Still Have a Vote!

The plain truth is that unless the voters of today understand the Socialist agenda and fight against it, our country is lost! And unless the truth and the freedoms of our country are once again taught at an early age, we will be fighting in our streets for our survival and for our national truth.

Dear readers… What truths are you willing to fight for??

Government and Freedom

Folks, I’ve said it many times before and it is an absolute tenet of truth: You cannot have the wrong view of government and the correct view of individual liberty.

You see, a government and its leaders must understand and support the facts and the foundations of a government that promotes the rights of individual freedom within the law. Yes, the law must protect everyone.

You cannot have a free country under a system of socialism, where the government is so large and promotes dependency for so many people. Why not?

Because socialism is not sustainable in the long run without taking away much individual liberty from so many.  Oh yes, some may get a free ride from government handouts, but at the loss of much individual freedom.  

There is a great loss of initiative also.

Initiative is defined by a desire and a striving to do better, accomplish more, and to elevate one’s loss of self-worth when depending on a government whose only source of income is punishing taxation and whose only means of survival is lowering the standard of living of everyone to pay for the giveaways.

We, in the USA, have never won a battle with such a system, and we never will.

Show me a poor man who hires thousands of people!! You know it isn’t possible. Then why punish the rich, (or at least the richer people) – who can provide jobs, and in addition to that, dignity and self-fulfillment- and yes, a desire to help others?

Why worry about someone becoming rich, or at least richer than they were, when they, through the taking of risks, can provide decent jobs?

And let me state again – if you have the wrong idea of government, you will automatically have the wrong idea of individual liberty.

If you believe, as you should believe, that our fundamental human rights come from God, you can begin to form a successful form of government and allow people to at least pursue success and happiness.

Our Bill of Rights states this – and this started out to be the correct basis for government and for the human rights of citizens…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…that all men are created equal…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unaliaenable rights…that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Now, I ask you – has this premise been used and promoted under recent US Governments?


And unless and until it is, the ideas of men and not of God will prevail in our society, causing pressure, and lies, and unnatural decisions to be made, and so will cause the loss of freedoms, opportunity, dignity and self-worth for most of us.

For, you see, socialists and worse never intend to live under the same laws they put upon you and me.

Unfortunately, some voters do not trust anyone and they think that nothing can ever change in our government.  I understand that, but I am talking about a system of government that restores freedom, opportunity and hope.  Such a system succeeded under the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan, which provided smaller government, more jobs, and more freedom for all.  

This system can certainly work again.

It is common sense, or should be, to do certain things.  Yes, within the law, we can do certain things and then expect certain results.  It will happen again if we elect people with the right concept of human government.  

If we don’t, our survival time as a free nation will be very short.

—- Written by William W. Figley, (mid-summer, 2015)

WWII Veteran of the US Navy




I’ve written many articles on Big Government. But here, I want to try to put the most pertinent facts about big government in one place, so that there can be no misunderstandings.

Many people are distrustful of government, of both major political parties. And yet, there are definite distinctions between these parties as to their beliefs and actions.

To me, it is unfair to brand both major parties alike. Since the days of the New Deal and the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Democratic party has developed great movements toward Socialism, and strong tendencies to change or destroy Constitutional rules that would benefit all people. Folks, this is a fact, based upon real historical events of record in our society. For a moment, please, try to view these government tendencies by the facts, rather than by merely believing smooth talking rhetoric or emotion.

The Republican party has definitely tended toward government according to the Founding Fathers and our Constitution, even though far from perfectly at all times (and we see of late that there are also Republicans who will fight to sustain big government and keep the status quo).

Now, the factual difference is simply this: bigger government, Socialism, and veering away from our country’s founding principles is wrong and has never worked. A wise person can surely see that policies which fail should no longer be followed. So that really should, for the time being, send us, as citizens, way beyond just Republican and Democrat.

It will be impossible for me or anyone to cover all the circumstances in one piece of dialogue – but allow me to proceed.

The middle class of the U.S.A. has been profoundly affected (negatively) by the advent of Socialistic and big government tendencies; and, we see today, that lack of good jobs (and good-paying jobs) is one of the sad results. However, all that the public heard from our Socialistic government (under Obama) is that ‘progress is being made’. The Feds even took credit for job creation that their own rules had discouraged; this job creation only came about because of the proactive legislation of a few states.

Let’s define the middle class. Most might say that earnings should define them; however, there are other factors that should be considered. Tops in earnings for a middle class person could be $250,000. That, in my view, would be much higher than a norm or medium income. In addition to income, I would add that most of the middle class has similar characteristics such as the willingness to work hard, risk-taking, and responsibility, and knowing when to take advantage of opportunities, if so presented.

The U.S. Constitution provides (Section 8) that the Congress shall have power to collect taxes, duties, imports and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S. citizens.

Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence, long considered to have equal authority with the Constitution of the United States, says this:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destruction of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Now, let recollect what has happened under Democratic party government whenever the House and Senate had the majority. The Constitutional clause – The General Welfare – has been fundamentally enlarged to the breaking point – by enlarging the central government, and so promoting the monstrosity of big bloated government at the cost of the loss of individual freedom.

big government,2018 midterm electionsLet’s break this down. The bigger your government becomes, the more money is spent, the more government intrudes into your individual life, the more social programs the government creates, and the fewer freedoms each person really has. Why? Because the more government giveaways, the less freedom you have. You are caught up in a vote-buying system which promotes the government giveaways at the expense of individual choice, a direct premise of our Constitution. And be assured – these are not truly “giveaways” – every penny will be sucked from our wallets through increased taxes! All of us ought to cherish individual choice, and the pride and dignity that goes with it.

Now let me just list for you the most, but not all, of the problems of bigger government so that we can clearly see them:

(1) Big government has a definite tendency to become bigger. Those in power have, and certainly enjoy, more and more control over your lives.

(2) Big government must, of necessity, become even larger (and more intrusive into our lives) because it must perpetuate itself, promising more benefits and thus controlling more of your life.

(3) The bigger the government, the more rulers must be in place to manage the affairs of government over your personal life. Obama calls them Czars (a Russian concept), ruling over your affairs – UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS who will do the bidding of big government. Now these UNelected bureaucrats are unknown, unelected, nameless, faceless, unavailable to the public, and unaccountable to the people at large. You cannot know them – you will not know them – because they are part of the bigger government, not the people.

(4) Big government always results in fewer freedoms for the common man, and fewer choices within the few freedoms that remain. Why? Because you, the voter, the common man, are NOT running things any longer.

(5) Big government has to intrude into people’s personal lives – they have no other place to go in order to expand. People may realize some day what has happened and what should be done about it, but such realization often comes too late.

(6) Deficit spending promotes bigger and bigger government, since government giveaways and choosing winners is their strategy- in order to become bigger in influence.

(7) Bigger government denies individual dignity and working towards new accomplishments and a better life. Instead, we have had a middle class that is restricted, downgraded, and literally dared to attempt to rise above – in money, in influence, and in any other way. And furthermore, many of the previously labeled “middle class” are now in the poor class in terms of money and income.

(8) Big government always ends up in involving itself in areas of life where it has no business. The size alone of big government makes such government inefficient in handling such matters.

(9) Big governmenet involves itself in matters which the Constitution proves belong to the states. The people have a much louder voice in matters decided on the state level. States will listen. Big government hasn’t and won’t.

(10) Big government teaches people to be dependent who need not be so. “Oh, dear, good ol’ Uncle Sam will bail us out.” I hear that a lot. Very dependent citizens cannot then individually rise to to the occasion when bad things happen: economic woes, terrorism, overly zealous schemes that go wrong, etc. They sadly put their own well-being in the greedy paws of the government.

(11) Bigger and bigger government will, the long run, collapse under its own weight. Borrowing from China and other nations, puts the person loaning the money (or the country) in a position to demand more in repayment, or to take over parts of our economy.

Now, let us briefly discuss what things central government should be involved in and why, and some of the things that central (Federal Government) should NOT be involved in and why.

Tall order, you say? Not really.

In my considered opinion, government must be responsible for things that people and states should not be involved in. 

Of necessity, Declaration of War or martial law, or any kind of political action involving other countries, and the carrying out of war, if necessary, are jobs belonging to the Federal Government through proper channels provided in our Founding documents.

Protection of our borders – all of our borders – from all enemies and illegal people seeking to enter.

The government must be responsible for laws and regulations that promote the general welfare in this precise fashion: providing for a level playing field for people and businesses, and equal chance to succeed. There can be no exceptions, special favors, or cronyism here.

Government must provide for the most opportunity for individual freedom, an individual pursuit of happiness and gain, and in so doing, employ, employ the fewest regulations possible to ensure safety and fairness.

Keep Out, Big Government!

An example of things the government should stay out of would be education, health services, etc. There are no doubt other areas as well.

The only thing government should do concerning education should be to advocate that the states require the teaching of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence – in all schools.

This latter would insure that our Constitution is upheld, and our country would become and would maintain itself as the finest form of government known to man.

And now, to wind up our message – any type of government that teaches and preaches government dependency beyond that of necessity to help to the sick and disabled is opening the gates of disaster for the individual and the trashing of his God-given rights.

If we elect or allow law-makers, holders of positions of trust, including Senators, Congressmen and Presidents, to practice liberal policies (big government policies), we will have allowed our beloved country to disintegrate and to eventually disappear.

America, the U.S.A., as it was originally, was Constituted to be the best form of government on earth. It can be restored to that again, but time is running out. Will you be part of this great, important, revival – at whatever the cost?

I hope so!! I don’t like saying: “Too late!!”

– Written by Bill Figley,
Professional Musician, Student of Government and of Politics
Navy Veteran W.W. II



Socialism used to be defined as a form of government where everyone’s needs are met and the earned wealth of all is somehow distributed to all. It still is that—but now, in more modern times, it is so much more.


  1. First of all, Socialism attempts to re-distribute wealth. What does this actually result in? Why, some of your hard-earned money is given to someone else—and not to anyone of your choice—NO—the government will decide. (And some, if not most of those who decide who gets your money, are unelected people.)
  2. Socialism destroys initiative (the drive to be better, to succeed, maybe to excel) and limits how far you can rise socially, economically, etc. But you say, “I’ll earn a lot of money, perhaps ” – even if you do, your rise on the economic ladder will be severely limited because government will take from you as much as they want and give to others.
  3. Socialism puts a heavy limit on success, so that its goal can be achieved. Everybody will be pretty much the same, economically, and you cannot rise very high.
    The middle class, then will be pretty much dependent on government promises, some of which may be fulfilled, most will not. But you say, “The middle class is the very foundation of our society.” Not with Socialism. The more dependence the middle class will soon come to expect, the more the middle class will be grounded as to what government will give them, and will allow them to have and to do.
  4. Who gets the money that is jerked away from you and given to others? Those who are poorer and less fortunate. Why, I hear some people say, “That’s Good!” NO, it can’t be because we need everyone to do their share and to have as many opportunities as possible. What happens when too many people are dependent on government for their living? A Dependent State is created, and there are fewer and fewer who are paying more and more taxes.
  5. Then what happens? Why, look around you! There is too much dependence on central government now, let alone in the future. Government will borrow more and more money—and fewer and fewer people will be able to fund the BIG BLOATED GOVERNMENT. Eventually, this kind of government will collapse and go bankrupt.
  6. Now let’s consider something else. Those in power and control of the central government cannot and will not live under the same set of rules as the rest of us.
    How do I know that? Because not only has it been proven by every Socialistic nation on earth, it is already being practiced by this government of ours—and I can prove it. You see, that’s one of Socialiam’s goals—two sets of rules: one for those in charge; and another for the wage-earner and tax payer.
  7. Now let’s go further down this road! The following statement is terrible, but true. And it is up to those who disagree to prove that these observations are wrong. “Oh, such and such a law, or action, is for the greater good!!” What a blatant lie! It is never correct to sacrifice one person to benefit another except in war—and then, there is usually some agreement on the part of the one making the sacrifice, that he or she is risking life and limb for others. There is a a distinct difference here.
  8. Now let’s move onward still. There is mounting evidence, and damning evidence that Obamacare is gutting the rights of people to make their own health decisions, and causing many to give up trying to get decent health coverage. And I mean millions—not just a few. Who are the architects of this monstrous, disastrous law? The Democratic Party and the left-wing Socialists, who have perhaps, up to this time, not really impressed people with their real goals. But now they are apparent. (I could readily have predicted this kind of power play.
  9. An individual doing anything like this would be prosecuted, convicted and tossed into prison forever and ever. Amen!! Is there any real hope of converting these Socialists and left-wing liberals to a more sane type of government? Sadly—NO!!! This has been shown by the answers and deviousness of so many, on the talk and informational shows on TV. Any person who will not give a direct answer to a political, judicial, legal, or moral question, when asked, is not to be trusted nor followed. And this would include any government official or spokesperson who repeatedly begins to answer your direct question with a slam against someone else, a former official, a former leader or President, or an excuse that the question you asked is too complex to give an answer about, and that those in charge are “working on the problem”.
    Also, all such left-wingers and officials who try to get by on their name or position instead of their actions, should be condemned publicly for what they are.
  10. Now to sum up, I will ask a question of any reader or seeking person—is this the kind of government you want?Is this the form of government our Founding Fathers gave us? A government of Socialism and middle class destruction?

    What kinds of government did our Founding Fathers come from in Europe? Governments of Socialism and dictatorship? Or of freedom within reasonable laws?They came from tyranny! Why on earth would they establish tyranny here? They already came out of that!

    No, Dear Reader—put aside your dreams of a better tomorrow. Forget that our country has a Constitution from way back, whose principles, when followed, created the best country on the face of the earth. Oh, we still have our Constitution—yes, but it is being modified, vilified and ignored by the people we elected. By your vote, brand the Socialists and left-wingers’ actions as Un-AMERICAN and VOTE them OUT—then invite them to leave our country for a Socialistic nation like they are trying to establish here!!

Comparisons in History – Hints to Resolving Current Problems?

As I look back on my very early life, I can now see that I was able to make comparisons between events of the past and of the present – even at a tender age. My ability to do this is much more advanced now than in my earlier life.

There are a few cautions, however, for those who attempt to make historical comparisons.

If anyone dares to make comparisons about people and movements throughout history, he should be aware that any comparison, if carried too far, will usually break down. This does not mean that comparison should not be made – it means only that comparison should be thought of as general and sweeping, even if not exact in every detail.

As we look today at our country and its problems, and look for solutions to these problems, there are hundreds of ideas, and fusions of ideas, that must warrant a closer look. First of all, we need to focus our attention on the founding of our country and on the foresight and brilliance of our Founding Fathers. For this is our country and this is our time, the present.

Ours is the arguably the greatest country in the world – our country is unique in all of world history. When you look at other nations, some with brutal leaders, high-and-mighty dictators, kings and potentates… we cringe at the thought of such a homeland. But  where, oh where are the values we hold dear as a country today? Ours is a country where there are laws to protect the innocent, laws of decency, individual liberty and common sense. Yes, and there are even laws and precepts designed to encourage a better life, a peaceful life, and a life that is safe from harm and danger.

I wonder if I could encourage you, my reader, to explore what is happening in our country today? I wonder if I might take you back to Bible days, to days of the Old Testament and the New Testament? In my opinion, Bible events should be viewed as well-established fact. The evidence for the accuracy of Bible history and events cannot be disputed, because history corroborates them.

Here is the question regarding Biblical events – can they be compared to the events in our country today? Are these current events planned by God, or just playing out in mankind’s history – a history which is often repeated?  In either situation, if any good or any understanding can come by comparing old Bible days with the present time in our country, it would be good to review and acknowledge these comparisons.

I will, therefore, dear readers, come to the heart of this whole matter…

There is, in my mind, a very definite comparison between our country and the assault on its founding principles and the words and actions of the old Jewish leaders of Bible times against the teachings and the truths which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, taught when he became an adult on this earth.

Today, after 8 miserable years of President Barack Obama and the Democratic political party… there is a movement afoot to discredit the newly elected president, one Donald J. Trump.

I am equating the old Jewish establishment to the Democratic minority, whipped in the 2016 election, but using every possible means to derail, delegitimize the President, and keep the duly elected leader and his administration from restoring to our country its truth, its pledges, and its greatness.

I am not attempting to equate Donald Trump with Jesus Christ, and I will take on anyone in the debate who proposes this. I am saying that it is his message – finally giving to the working people and to the poor and disadvantaged that which their country’s Constitution promises to  them.

What exactly does our Constitution say is the complete and sole purpose of our central government? Simply this – and I quote from the Constitution: the duties of the Federal Government:

  1. Provide for the common defense.
  2. Promote the general welfare.
  3. And secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

So, as in the old Bible days, the Jewish leaders (the establishment of the Jewish religion) tried every way they could imagine to discredit and condemn Jesus Christ and his message.

Today we have the Democratic party and its members, losers in the election of 2016, using their same failed, Socialistic methods to discredit and destroy the message of Donald Trump – whose message, if followed, would restore the blessings of peace and safety to a badly treated middle class as well as all other citizens.

In no way am I comparing Donald Trump to Jesus Christ or his person. But there can be no question about Mr.Trump’s message; restore that which the Democratic Socialist Party has taken from the American people.

Let me emphasize some of the content of Mr. Trump’s message to the forgotten voters: restore lost opportunities and compassion, yes and increased safety, and security.  This elected President is making every effort to gain back these lost ideals.

During the eight years of Barack Obama, our former president acted toward the American people as if we were deserving of no better than terrorism and violence demonstrating a true lack of compassion and and concern for the safety of America’s citizens. According to Barack Obama, misplaced compassion toward people of unknown origin and, even more importantly, unknown intentions was more important than the safety of American citizens, especially the elderly and the disabled. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said that closing our southern border was not “who we are as a nation”.  What an utter lie!! Who we are as a nation is certainly the protection of our citizens from harm and danger from the southern border, and from those who would enter our country illegally.

Jesus Christ focused on the obedience of people to God, while the Jewish leaders elevated their own traditions and interpretations and reacted angrily to anyone who would threaten the status quo.

Mr. Trump’s message… To restore the country to one of freedom, opportunity and compassion. This high regard for our own citizens has been met with a fierce opposition from Socialistic anti-Americans, who have tried and are trying to do everything on earth to destroy the American way of life, as outlined by the message of Donald Trump. I hope you readers can see the connection in the comparison – I do!

To further establish the comparison which I have made: the Jewish leaders were angered by anyone who would try who would dare to challenge or to question their authority. And the Socialists of today would do anything (legal or illegal) to stop any person or any message they hate.

The message of Jesus Christ went against the establishment – the Jewish leaders .

The message of Donald Trump goes against the Socialists – the big-government advocates, who have to lie to make their case.

Now the question today is – do we, the people of the USA want those in charge who have an idiotic philosophy, who deal in fantasy, who have dreams of grandeur and who are childish and irresponsible?  Do we want these people to interpret our laws – those who outright lie to us and seize power from the people? Do we want this kind of people to rule over us? Or do we want the principles that this country was founded upon, which are just and fair, to be our guide?

The Socialists (the left) are guilty of treason against our country. They have the right to disagree, of course, but they deny the very principles that have made this country great and would thus subject our citizens to a lower (and by far a less-safe) form of life.

But wait – there is more!

Have not the Jewish leaders throughout history resisted the calls of God, resisted His prophets, resisted His will? In any time period, there have been righteous people who have believed the truth – even though their leaders didn’t believe and didn’t obey God’s call, or heed God’s plan. Were there not many prophets of God through the years whose messages from God were ignored and downgraded? Were there not also some, if not many, political leaders of our nation who were elected, but failed to promote the principles that made our country great?

So, maybe it should not be surprising if there should be a Donald J. Trump, wth a message for the common people, with principles promoted which have slipped away from our grasp in recent decades.

Perhaps Donald Trump was raised up by God, and perhaps not. But how can anyone truly argue with the message he brought and the conclusion (changing American lives for the better) that could be realized if these principles were followed?

Students of government, people of common sense and high ideals – listen up!!

You will not find in the Trump message anything that lessens America from what it was intended to be. We can’t allow Socialist anti-Americans, big government advocates and vile freedom haters to prevail – let us go on with freedom within the law, citizen safety, common sense, opportunity and an unbelievable chance to make America great again.

We dare not allow this chance to slip through our fingers. Down with anti-American views and activities – down with lawlessness, down with governmental lies… and up with protection of citizens, promotion of opportunity, and restoration of common sense. Then let’s wait for the blessings to break through.

Right actions will bring right results!!


Ideology and Freedom

My, what a time we live in! How very profound are it’s implications!! Everyone who loves his or her country and hopes to live a life that is at least fairly free, should stay tuned until you’ve read and digested this article completely.

First of all – who am I? And what information do I have to share with anyone concerning ideology?

I am a 90 year old male, well educated, a Navy veteran of World War II, and a person who has had (at least) 3 professions in life.

Ideology, according to my dictionary, is well defined.  Here’s what it says:

“Ideology is the science of ideas, is the manner or content of thinking characteristic of an individual or class.”

Now, please allow me to offer a more distinctive definition: Ideology is the core of a person’s individual belief, about anything, but seems to major in one’s beliefs about the most important things in life.

Of course, we can observe that word meanings sometimes can – and do – change over the course of many years.  The word “square”, as it pertains to an individual, used to mean upright, fair, honest and believable.  As in music, I can heard the words of an old song – “Mary is a grand old name.”  Speaking of Mary, the song says – “and there is something there that sounds so square – it’s a grand old name.”

Now today, the word SQUARE means boring, out of date, a person who is not “cool”, so to speak.  In addition it typically means that this person is not acceptable and his beliefs aren’t modern.

Keeping this illustration in mind, please allow me to put to rest a misunderstood idea that is quite important to understand, but is a constant challenge for some folks to accept.

The notion that a high official in any capacity will completely follow the law that he or she has pledged to uphold no matter what, is typically an errant view. Why?  Because they typically act in interpreting that law in the light of their personal ideology.

Is this wrong?

In many cases, it may well be.

Let’s take, for an example, the current situation with our Supreme Court.

It seems that in recent years, that more appointed justices have clearly shown their liberal philosophy of government in their Supreme Court decisions.  It is critical to understand that the next president of the United States may be in a position to appoint 2 or more justices to the court, and this could potentially cause a drastic alteration in the direction of future Supreme Court decisions.

Common sense allows us to look back over the years and observe that many Supreme Court justices have followed their own ideologies in rendering decisions, rather than the law of the land or the intent of the original founders.

The same is true of lesser judges and administrators.

Here is where the core issue – ideology and freedom – comes into sharp view.

Conservative and considerate justices – both in the Supreme Court and lower courts – who render decisions according to the law, do so for two primary reasons: it is the law, and it meshes with their own ideology.

And the ideology of any law based on this country’s founding is this – FREEDOM and JUSTICE must be preserved, or those judges and justices have prostituted the law of the land.

I am unapologetically a political conservative, and the laws which governed our nation from the beginning are politically conservative, and the result is this – NOW GET THIS!!  Conservatism promotes and protects individual freedom.

Now suppose there are some who don’t like the term “conservative” (due chiefly to wrong teaching  and / or misunderstanding). Who cares what you cal it if freedom of each individual is preserved and honored?

Your personal freedom, the freedom of your neighbor, even the freedom of those who may be politically opposed to you, who cares about the title of the government philosophy? It is the freedom of the individual that matters and that must be preserved.

Freedom for each of us means freedom for all of us.

True conservatism is – and represents –  yes, even guaranteesfreedomto each person – no other form of government ideology has rules and guidelines that so completely protect each person’s basic rights.

And what about the so-called liberal officeholder? Where do they stand in the actual and political scheme of things?  The liberal party has moved so far left in our time that their espoused ideology is now actually contrary to the laws and principles of our Founding Fathers. They believe that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be flexible and open to personal preference, political pressure and cultural whims.  They disregard the intent of the Founding Fathers and instead interpret the law in a loose fashion –  totally opposed to the original intent of the first adopters and formulators of our laws.

Now dear reader – stay with me. I have been utterly appalled in recent days by some of the interviews with many young people on city streets of our nation (Watters World on Fox News) who don’t know the most basic of U.S. history. Most didn’t know who fought in the Civil War, many did not know the basic history of our Revolutionary War – they didn’t even know it was our war to break us from England – because of our desire to worship God as we saw fit! They didn’t know it was the ragtag colonial army of the U.S. colonies trying to break away from English rule. It is truly pathetic to see the utter lack of basic knowledge of our history with so many of our young people.

Where is the truth taught to a free people? If our public schools cut out references to God, freedom, how our country was founded and what we stand for, what can we expect in the voting booth? Our “revised history” – cutting out the very fiber of what our nation was founded upon – is creating an unaware and ignorant electorate – and the left hopes they will be easily swayed and controlled both now and in the future!

Let’s briefly go back to the basics of two major types of governments in the world – this is entirely appropriate given what we have established above as a lack of proper teaching about our country’s founding to our young people.


In the olden days, dictatorship took the form of a king.  Absolute obedience to his rules were demanded, or off with your head! We call this today, in many cases, Communism.  It isn’t true communism, but we understand from Soviet Russia, Chine, North Korea and other countries, that is is really dictatorship.  In many cases, absolute power was seized by one group – usually the army – and absolute power was then set up, including a dictator and his cohorts.

Next we have Socialism – and in spite of the fact that we can learn an abundance of lessons from countries who have completely failed when implementing socialism (think Venezuela, for instance), most still don’t understand what it is NOR realize that at this point in time, the U.S.A. has become a socialistic country.

How is that, you ask?

Simply in this way – one of our two great political parties in our country has tended, since F.D. Roosevelt, to go socialistic – a very BIG government with many negative ramifications, and loyal followers of a president who will do anything to keep the elite in power.

It is true that a country can arrive at socialism without a military take-over, or without many people being killed.  In that case, it is essentially an implosion from within.  But socialism results in big government and ALWAYS means fewer freedoms for “we, the people”.  Perhaps no one will be shot for disagreeing with the leader (or it will be deemed “suicide”, as so many reports we have watched of late), but you can count on it that dissenters will be marginalized, ridiculed, and if possible, ruined financially.

So in the long run, the amount of freedom for the people under both DICTATORSHIP and SOCIALISM is the same – NOT MUCH.  Under socialism, every rule or idea for equality is denied and undermined, so that the ruling entities can stay on top.

The “Biggies” of Socialism

  • Higher Taxes
  • More regulations
  • Avoidance to real solutions to any big problems
  • Higher national debt (which should be abhorred by any thinking person)
  • Environmental regulations (that are ill-timed and in some cases, absurd)
  • More government “giveaways”
  • More promises than anything else

And – oh yes – a foreign policy that is between lies and doing absolutely nothing about foreign problems.  And we have a slow but sure weakening of our military, even though more military hazards now exist in our world than ever before.

And socialism does not value self help – the Middle Class in the U.S.A. is on the way out, and no opportunities for the betterment of one’s own life can be tolerated because the government knows everything and the poor middle class person knows nothing.

Also, there is no plan by the ruling elite to unburden the vast middle class -the middle class is stuck with a horribly low ceiling of hope and betterment, and accomplishment that is as low as it can be without an open rebellion.

Folks, Socialists love no one better than themselves – they want power over your life and will do anything and say anything to get it and keep it. They use hidden methods to tax you (think Obamacare, for instance), and then give your money to others whom you will never know.  

Unelected TASKMASTERS are what we have today.

So it should be apparent by now why there are fewer jobs and fewer and fewer good jobs.  President Obama openly called PROFIT – a DIRTYWORD!!

And you need to understand the socialistic mindset toward jobs and their scarcity. It has been shown time and time again that socialistic leaders are unwilling to do the things required to change the job outlook.

At what point in our not too distant past were good and plentiful jobs restored with a proven history of success? Just take a look at the Reagan years – 8 of them – where radical changes were made that put Americans back to work again and put our country back onto a prosperous and strong track once more.  We have so many Americans in need of a good job in these times!

The rich have always managed to do fairly well in good times and in bad.  But it is the Middle Class, the real back-bone of the U.S., that has the greatest lack of jobs and income.   And of course, the poor are in a very discouraging situation as well.

And this is crucial – even though the U.S. is so far geographically from the Middle Easy, our citizens here in the U.S.A are not being protected from terrorism and its prospects, as the U.S. Constitution demands and as common sense would also dictate.

Illegal aliens, some of them having been deported a number of times, have murdered U.S. citizens – and the socialists have done nothing about it.  And our country is being bankrupted by illegals, who have added to our economic burden as a nation.

How is it that illegal aliens can vote and get on the government dole (paid for by your tax dollars) and yet our veterans are suffering – and in some cases, dying – waiting for critical help from the Veterans Administration?

What kind of signal does that send to our veterans?  Do you suppose they feel appreciated for their supreme sacrifices to maintain our freedom?

Dear friends, Obama and his socialistic experiment and the downgrading of our country’s great values will continue if the socialists are elected again.  There will be little left of a great and proud country in another 4 years of disaster like the last 8 years.  Lies and mismanagement and failure have characterized the last nearly 8 years and we cannot tolerate many more years of the same.

So folks – what government ideology do you have?  Millions of people agree  that the present socialistic ideology is ruinous for our country.  So whether or not you totally agree with the one candidate who can and will change our country’s ruinous slide – you need to vote for the ideology which can and will restore sanity to the US.A.

Believe me when I tell you – almost all true socialists will never change their crippling, destructive government philosophy.  So, then, those people need to be soundly defeated and marginalized at the voting booth (and double check your vote before you leave – reports of voter fraud and changing ballots are rampant).

Just how badly do we want our country and our leaders to return to common sense and proven policies?

Those Americans who doubt that real change can happen are selling short the millions of voters who desperately want these changes to occur.

There is no time nor place for pettiness or personal preference.  The Republican candidate who has emerged the winner in a literal sea of candidates, must be supported boldly, openly and as others have said before me – “Running Hell-Bent for Election” if we are to win.

Dear Friend, what is your ideology of government?

Written by William W Figley  May 28, 2016

“My name is William W. Figley – and I approve this message.” 

What Has Happened to Our Country ?

At this point in time, our country, the USA, has a broken spirit.  We may very well have a broken will. And we are certainly a country that has suffered from broken promises – promises to the people that have not been kept.  We are a country where the trust of the American people in their government has been eroded and broken.

Now, it gets worse. As our country stands today, the USA is no longer a democracy.

It is sad to say that too many people cannot define the different forms of governments around the world.  If they cannot define the different kinds of government, then they can’t know what a sad situation our own government is in.

Allow me to define and explain what we call communism today. Like what we have seen in Russia, and like China, communism is actually dictatorship.  A small group runs the country and the needs and rights of all the common people are severely limited. The dictator may be absolute, or at least he has a ruling group that is absolute.

Communism today is much different than the communism of the Bible. In ancient Biblical times, members of a small group determined that all belongings and possessions would be owned by all.  This was a voluntary arrangement, among a few, probably for a limited time, but certainly with a definite and common purpose in mind – promoting and spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  It bears absolutely no comparison to the communism of today, which is dictatorship with a different name.

Socialism is a form of dictatorship in this regard – socialism comes about slowly, for the most part, and arrives without bloodshed, unlike today’s communism, which usually begins with a violent seizure of rule often by the country’s military or by some other militant and heavily armed and dangerous group.

Both Communism and Socialism have most things in common -A large sized government, fewer freedoms for people and the downgrading of the middle class, so that, essentially, it disappears.

With todays dictatorships, the taking over of government control occurs suddenly, and is quickly accomplished.  With socialism, there is a steady but gradual decline in individual freedoms and a definite limit to how far one can rise, financially, socially, or in business.

This is accomplished by ignoring or trashing the individual rights of people and the substituting of government edicts for human rights.  This process involved leadership lies and betrayals coupled with the indifference of the governed and the desire of something for nothing.

This ain’t a purty picture, folks.

To complete the discussion of government types – what is a democracy?  It is a type of government where the people have the say.  Now a pure democracy is not possible with a large or even a somewhat large population.  Se we, in the USA, have a representative form of democracy – or a democracy within a republic. (We have congress and senators to represent the views of the people).

The USA is no longer a democracy within a Republic. We have a socialistic government going towards dictatorship, and we have a dictator, King Obama.

If we continue in the direction we are headed, our country and our economy will not recover because our leaders have punished those who would create jobs, making it impossible to succeed in business and job creation.

Obama has succeeded in downgrading the USA from a super-power to a cowardly second-rate government that most countries can’t trust or respect.Our military has been deliberately downgraded and trashed, so that as a nation, we can no longer meet the security needs of our people.  The promises to protect our allies and our own people, and our borders are completely unsafe, and flowing into our nation are those types of people who would destroy us.  There may be drug runners, criminals of all types,  members of gangs, and terrorists – plus, of course, many unfortunate people who we can’t help forever, and let our own people go broke in the process.  Oh yes, there may also be human traffickers, sex traffickers and all sorts of undesirable people, who will sap the very life out of our economy – what’s left of it!!

And now may I point out another great fallacy of the Obama rule and reign.

Our government apologists are trying to tell us that the figures show that more crimes in our country have been committed by people with overstayed visas. While I have my doubts that this can be proven, there remains room to question – what are Obama and his hirelings doing about the problem of non-citizens overstaying their visas in our country? They say that nothing can be done.  HOGWASH!  We should at least attempt to address this issue.  They have no intentions of doing so.

While we’re on the subject, I hear the liberals and socialists cry with a loud voice: “We are a great nation, and a compassionate people. We should open our arms wide to all who want to come to the USA.”

But wait a minute!!

What are we really doing? Who have we left behind?  Why, the liberals have left out all the law-abiding citizens who have never been associated with a temporary visa or an unsecured southern border. How do the liberals plan to keep our country secure when thousands are coming in and we don’t know who they are?  Illegal immigrants should have no citizen rights in this country.

And who knows how many we have trusted to obey our laws who have overstayed their visas?  What do we know about either of these groups?

Who are they?

What / who are they loyal to?

Are they a threat to kill or injure our citizens?

Oh, but friend, there are possible VOTES involved here, for visa-overstayers as well as illegals crossing our border.  And beyond that, there is power – power in government handouts to bolster the popularity of the liberals and socialists.

These leaders have very conveniently trashed our laws and our legal system, with the result that our country and its law-abiding citizens are no longer protected.

Sorta seems like one of the duties of presidents and all other leaders is to protect the citizens of our country.

*** Prove to me that the present system of unsecured borders and broken visa laws does anything to protect the legal, law-abiding citizens who have been, and are the very fiber of this nation.

Both you and I know that there is no proof of security in what liberals / socialists are presently allowing.  They are proclaiming compassion at any cost – it isn’t compassion – it’s gross insanity!!

All immigration should be halted while we build a wall along our southern border, and add other measures like air surveillance, etc. to make sure that our borders are closed to illegals.

Next, no more temporary visas should be handed out that we can’t or won’t monitor.

I firmly believe that the right president, and the right congress can later make the judgment as to what to do with the illegals and those in violation for overstaying their visas.  We have a path to citizenship and if folks want to stay, they need to follow the law. There are several things we can and must do about this crisis situation.

The right people, elected by the people for the right reasons, will do the right thing for our country. Illegal immigrants, for whatever reason they have come, have no rights here – if they do have rights, then millions of legal citizens have no rights – it is just that simple. 

The decisions on illegals of any kind, by our congress and president, must first protect our citizens from harm and danger, from unknown consequences from immigrants we don’t know and whom have not been properly vetted.

Our citizens must be protectedfrom unintended consequences that wreak havoc – such as lowering the standard of living of the law abiders in favor of the law breakers.

At the time of this writing (January, 2016), there were many candidates running for the office of President of the United States.  No doubt, the two viable candidates left standing now may not be the #1 pick you may have wanted to run our country. But make no mistake about it – the current democratic party is comprised of liberals and socialists.

If we want change on how this country is run and governed, we MUST support the Republican who wins the primary nomination. And we must elect a large number of Republican senators and congressmen to help him.

 Some good, well-meaning people will be disappointed at the winner.  This cannot be helped, but all of us who love this country and are concerned about its future must unite on the candidate chosen. 

If the Republican candidate stands for 51-95% of what you believe in, we must leave it at that.  None of the candidates do I agree with 100%.  It is very unlikely that all civic-minded voters will get everything they want for their country.

This much is obvious – with any democrat now running, or any who may run, you will get a liberal / socialist or worse.  If you vote for Hillary, you will be voting for a third term of Obama – or worse.

God Bless America!!

Written by William W. Figley


Age 90, WWII Navy Veteran

NOTE: Since this article was written, we now know that Hillary has stated that she wants “open borders”.  This is an anti-American and anti-freedom stance and a should be a wake-up call to every law abiding citizen who loves our country and cares about the protection of our constitutional freedoms.

Vote for freedom and national security on November 8 – vote Republican!

What About Freedom? (And the U.S. Constitution)

I don’t care what philosophy of government you call what I am saying – I care about the Constitution of the United States of America…not because it is a rule and much more than a suggestion…

I care about the Constitution because, when it is followed, it brings about and provides safety and security and well-being for American citizens that other systems of government do not and cannot provide.

The Rule of Law that is fair, not oppressive, brings forth freedom and safety for all.  Can the Rule of Law always bring about happiness for each person?

We all know that it cannot.  But it comes close to helping a person achieve happiness than any other system.

You know – I’m a little tired of politically correct labels when it comes to types and styles of governments.

In one of his great dramas, Shakespeare said… “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let’s start to unravel some of the mysteries about the various forms of government.

Our government, according to the Constitution, provides us with “A democracy within a republic.”

A Republic is a form of government where as much individual freedom than can be good for all – is allowed and encouraged.  Not everyone can vote on everything, and with as many people as we have in the USA, we elect people to represent us and to decide what to do about government, and what not to do – we, the people, still have the authority (the whip hand) to make changes in who we elect to represent us.

Now  – when leaders decide to rule contrary to the Constitution and its spirit, you have what you are seeing today.

It is one thing to clarify some action or idea – it is quite another to fundamentally change the rules and guidelines that made us “The Greatest Nation on Earth”, we were that once – now we are certainly not.

And what is the result of the changes within the last 7 or 8 years of this country’s history?

We no longer value human life as we ought, we promote national policies that weaken our government, put our citizens in mortal danger, ignore what our servicemen and women have fought for.  We have ruined our middle class, and pushed government dependency upon millions, and we, as a government, have acted like we don’t know anything (and we don’t).

Now, let’s get even more basic.

We have taken away peoples’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we have become, in this country, a semi-communist nation with King Obama at the head of it.  Obama, this foe of individual freedom, has a proven record of over-stepping his authority as president at least 32 times (this was written in midsummer of 2015, so we are WAY ahead of this figure now) and we have done nothing about it.

Look around you  – look at England (British Isles and every European nation).  Show me who now has, or has ever had – a system of government like ours at the beginning of their country.

You know you can’t find one.

By looking at Europe, Asia, Africa and every other place, you can find many, many flaws in their systems.  Their governmental systems have never and can never equal or come close to what Americans had.

Then, why try to be like them?  Will anyone (except a few would-be kings) ever find any freedom, hope or happiness under the system of government they are proposing for common Americans?

And this fact should not shock you – can anyone prove that leaders who espouse the socialistic communistic type of government – have they ever lived under the regulations they have put upon the common citizen ?

NO!! And they never intend to.

Can this be true?


And example would be the health-care coverage offered to our legislators – which is not available to any of the rest of us.

Think about it!

— Written by William W. Figley (midsummer, 2015)

WWII Vetaran of the U.S. Navy (and still not retired at age 90)



I read a story in a professional pharmacy magazine many years ago which has great pertinence for today. I thought that it was not only interesting, but timely and fitting as well. In fact, it compares strikingly with present day governmental situations in our country.

The word is pronounced “Tawn-stoff-el”.

The little story goes something like this:

Long ago in a far country was a little village that was peaceful and peace-loving – the people there were caring and good-hearted – most everything that a family could need in these simple times was made in this little village and was sold at very reasonable prices.

The founding fathers there (we will call them the village fathers) came together and said, “We have wonderful people here, and they are peaceful folks. We need to do something good for these good people to show that we care for them.” So they decided to provide free circuses for their great people. The people were delighted and many attended the free circuses, which offered showings all during the days and into the evenings.

The village fathers were delighted, but they thought that they should do more. So, they provided free hammocks for each and every circus-goer, so that each one would be rested and comfortable watching the free circus.

This went on for some time, and the village fathers decided to go still further. They decided to provide free bread for the good citizens to eat while lying in their free hammocks, watching the free circuses.

But shortly after, something strange began to happen to the good people in the little village.

Suddenly, or so it seemed, there appeared to be no shoes available in this little village; no pants, no dresses or other necessary items required for their simple lives.

What, oh what were the village fathers to do about this? They pondered, they studied, they talked with one another. Finally they came, as a group, to a decision.

They would all go for advice to the wise old man of the mountain, who lived on a mountaintop, two or three miles out of town. They began their important trek, through the little village, and to the base of the mountain where the wise old man made his abode. Up the steep mountain they trudged, with canes and walking sticks to help them navigate, until at last they finally arrived at his place.

The old man of the mountain greeted them, and had them sit down and tell their story. The wise old man was very patient, and he listened to every word that was said.

When the group had finished their story, the wise old man of the mountain lifted up his head, and uttered a single work – “Tanstaffel”, which being interpreted is: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!”


I will admit that some opinions of others – both in questions and speeches have prompted this writing. The opinions given here are mine, however, and they represent many facts and trends – which I now share with you.

Is there a difference between a lie and an untruth? Of course! My definitions follow:

A LIE is always a conscious way of explaining or reporting something that the person doing the reporting knows full well is not true. Much damage has been caused by lies. The possible reasons for lies will be addressed later in our discussion.

An UNTRUTH differs from a lie in this respect: the person telling something and declaring it to be fact is not correct. The person involved is substituting feelings for facts and sincerely believes that what they are reporting is true. It is also usually true, of an untruth, that it is opinion–and not fact–or it is based upon so-called facts that have not been properly investigated, or it may be based on opinion of others that we think are truthful.

Both situations can cause havoc in government and in individual lives. Unfortunately, very seldom do deliberate liars ever change into bearers of truth. Untruthful persons (and they abound by the thousands) can sometimes be persuaded to embrace the truth. But much damage can be done to all in both situations. A person telling an untruth, I believe, is a little less at fault – but the results of untruths are nearly or equally as bad as are lies.

Both lies and untruths lead to wrong conclusions and wrong actions. Their results (evil deeds and policies) almost always go way beyond what we obviously see as wrong, and cause a tearing down of our society.

People seem to rant and rave about policies they feel have to be adopted (or killed). If the policies considered are so great or so terrible – what do the facts reveal if these same things have been tried in the past? What past history among us do these things have? Where is the almighty evidence for what some are howling about?

We, the common folk, even though poor, uneducated and bedraggled, should be entitled to the history concerning policies that have a track record.

We will perhaps never see, in all the history of the U.S.A., the extent of the damage done to our country by the policies of Barack Obama and his socialistic/ communistic crowd. It will become apparent with the passing of much time, but the bitter end of his policies are so frightening…so very frightening…that it might be good if we could never completely plumb the depths of his anti-American deceit. The lies and the cover-ups are much worse than we can possibly know.

Perhaps, it could be argued, that if the right people are elected soon, and the correct policies begun, we might be able to dodge the bullet of ruination of our country (yes, the best country on earth). Do not even suggest to me that the kind of country we used to have was the result of men alone–men of the highest order of patriotism and perfection working their magic beyond the belief of anyone.

The help of God was there, ladies and gentlemen, guiding and energizing those who founded the U.S.A. The result of their vision and patriotism and love for people did not come from an attitude of “me, myself, I, yours truly”!! Anyone who cannot see that is beyond help, in my humble opinion, and should never hold high public office.

To demonstrate to us all, what freedoms we have had taken away by big government and its architects, I point you to an old love song from the 1940’s:
“Would you take the wings from birds – so that they can’t fly?…Would you take the ocean’s roar, and leave just a sigh?”

This is what honest Americans are experiencing by the doings in Washington, D.C. as we speak. We need to closely examine all the ideas of our elected officials, to see what effect these ideas have on law and order, on practicality, and on the hopes and dreams of all well-meaning people. Then and only then will we uncover truth and uncover the correct courses of action for the benefit of all.

Here are just a few items of truth – nuggets of wisdom that can be traced back through time – that have been proven in all cases to be true.

Big government (and bigger government) has always limited individual freedom, and always will. Nobody can ever prove otherwise. Big government is the enemy of all citizens and especially of the middle class.

Now, please listen carefully: whether or not each citizen rises higher in life than they can imagine, each citizen should have the opportunity to do so, and socialism and big government will always be their enemy. The two, opportunity and big government, cannot coexist side by side. Big government is self-limiting for each individual.

Big government and socialism are one and the same thing, and can never promote individual liberty and individual accomplishment.

Look at history–and decide. Look at where our middle class in America is now—and decide—based on facts, not rhetoric, not lies, not half-truths. The results are already in our history books.

Now, once again – what further about lies and untruths? There is a difference up front; but, quite sadly, the results of each may be the same.

A lie is a deliberate distortion of the truth, and those who speak lies, know that they are lies.

Why lie about people and about government? I believe it is for the possibility of power over peoples’ lives…for the promotion of arrogance on the part of power-hungry people—and sadly, there are those whose very purpose is to tear down America, because they hate America, and because they were taught as children to hate America with its opportunities for all. I will not mention an example of the latter reason, but this example involves a very high office in America, the U.S.A.

Now what about untruths? We should describe these would-be facts as appearing to be true, according to our knowledge at the time. No outright lies are intended…we believe what we are saying…but do these so-called truths measure up when investigated? And they should be investigated with the clear idea of discovering the absolute truth.

Too many people spout off ideas and sayings that they have never investigated. And why is this? Is it because these people do not mean well? Is it because they do not have time to sort out the facts about what they are contending? Or maybe, it is because they do not wish to investigate, since the ideas they are claiming to be true seem to agree with their present position?

You see, untruths can hurt as well as deliberate lies. Folks, we had better be sure we are telling the truth about problems in our country by investigating first; and, it would be wise also to consider the following:
Are these opinions we are claiming for truth the product of people who have the correct idea or the wrong idea about government? If these so-called truths we are putting forward are the quotations and/or products of big government advocates, we are guilty of promoting untruths.

According to many previous periods of time in U.S. history, we have seen big government guilty of tearing down law and order, common sense and individual liberty. How then can we state as facts the untruths (yes, the myths) of big government advocates and claim these ideas and happenings to be true?

Perhaps untruths are easier to discover than absolute lies. Maybe so, maybe not. It may go clear back to this premise: where do our individual rights come from, if we have any. If these rights don’t come from God, as our “Bill of Rights” says, then they come totally from man! What man? What men?

Can we be so foolish as not to realize that if our rights come from some man, or men, we are in deep trouble? Oh, but it depends on what man or men, without any Godly guidance. Please show me what kind of man you are willing to be subject to? I can already tell you—such a man will have a philosophy that is without God, based upon popularity, money, influence and his personal ambition.

For too many years, power-grabbing men, who love big government, have spread lies about common citizens, political opponents and anyone else who stands in the way of their rule over you. They have, through the years, blurred truth so badly and so completely that people have bought into their lies, they have accepted government help and now think it is their privilege and their “right” at the expense of others. Remember, folks, no benefit is free. Some people need help and should have it—but at the same time they should not be taught to believe it will always be their “right.”

The U.S.A. was not built on a system of perpetual welfare–and not built on the lies of men for the benefit of a few. If following the spirit of the Constitution works, who cares how old it is? The age of a custom or a law cannot ever automatically decide its worth–it is the result of the custom or the law, and how it affects individual freedom.

– Composed by Bill Figley (March, 2015)
Professional Musician, Student of Government
and Politics, Navy Veteran W.W. II