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Only Jesus Poem


O, Jesus is the Cornerstone

The most important building Stone

The Rock on which we build our life

The life which may be full of strife




Jesus is our Friend, indeed

The only one the sinner needs

Jesus knows our every care

He, our anxious grief will share.


Jesus is our dwelling place

His love can fill our empty space.

He understands the human cry

He’s there to mind each earthly sigh.

He’s the Bright and Morning Star

He comforts you where e’er you are


This life is but a stepping stone

For those who want a real home

A place where love is all around

Where life is on the solid ground.


And Jesus is our answer still

Amongst the strife of human will

For Jesus died upon the tree

That sinners’ lives could then be free

We cannot even know the cost

That Jesus paid upon that cross.


Jesus is the great “I AM”

He always is the One Who can –

Can lift our spirits from within

Spirits that are freed from sin.


Godly life or earthly life

One is good, one is strife

Live for self, you die alone

You could have a heavenly home!

Home where everything is right

Home where there is no more night

Home where Jesus is the Light

And where sin is out of sight.


Did I explain about God’s plan…

To deal with all the sins of man?

Jesus came and died, alone

For all man’s sin, He did atone

Here’s the choice God gave to all;

Believe in Christ… Answer the call.

Give your life to Christ alone

And welcome to your heavenly home.


When you chose Christ, you chose it all…

You answered God’s forgiving call.

If you chose your own life and way

Then God above must have His say.

Heaven’s doors are open wide

To all who choose the Savior’s side,

Should not the universe be shown

Who is in charge and on the Throne?


Could God let just one sinner in

And the heavenly home be touched with sin?

No… God left His Gift intact

For all those who by their act

Received the Christ, Who died for all

Who made themselves sinful and small…

And took the Christ into their life

And ended sin’s eternal strife.


So earthly-minded, listen clear…

The moment of your choice is here,

Take God’s gift – the Gift is free

For all who believe – eternity.

For heaven’s for those who have believed –

And Christ Jesus, they received.


by William Figley