All of us have a free will. God allows our free will to play out throughout our lives. God created a perfect world system. But man, by his sin and by his choices, has caused many physical happenings to occur – some can be explained, others cannot.

The earthly life was never designed to be perfect…but what if there had been no original sin? We will find out in heaven what it is like—those of us who go there.

There are many things in our physical life on earth that we would love to change, but usually we cannot. We move towards physical death through age, through customs, and through choices. Some of these choices are ours, some are because of the choices of others.

There are many kinds of physical deaths that we humans abhor and find unfavorable: cancer, war, physical breakdown, accidents, physical trauma and difficulties that we wish we could avoid, and that we wish others could avoid. Most of us, especially those of us who care, will look with horror on situations of others that appear to be harsh and unnecessary—and we wish for better things for others, not just for ourselves.

When those of us who are bound for heaven finally get there, we will see, first-hand, what the earthly life and the earthly relationship with God The Father should have been like—and we may wonder why it couldn’t have been so here on earth.

Now consider the Lord Jesus Christ—when He came to earth, born of a virgin, did God remove Him from every harsh physical difficulty that could have befallen him? The answer is obviously—NO!!

Jesus partook of many of the physical and spiritual problems that most of us have. Why? Well, many reasons.

  1.    God The Father did not change the earthly system, the earthly life. Because of the free will of man, sin came into being and we see daily the far-reaching effects of that sin. Now the physical breakdown and the diseases are not all brought on by our choices—but partially by our choices. And I am referring to the breakdown of physical life during the average lifetime, but especially as it leads to our physical death.
  2.    Then it seemed appropriate to GOD THE FATHER that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, in His life on earth, should participate in some of the earthly hardships of man—health, tiredness, bodily weariness, need for sleep and rest and many more physical things, including lack of human strength. And then the spiritual disappointments, humiliation of the cross and earthly death by violent means. These things were so Christ could relate to man and his earthly life. This was so Christ, as a human could experience some of what we earthly creatures go through.
  3.    Then I believe there may be a third reason for the physical and emotional life of all of us (earthly creatures that we are). We may begin to realize that the earthly life is not all—that it has an end, that there is MORE. The Christian probably realizes this more than the non-Christian.

It does not seem to matter to many who are non-Christians, because I was this way before I was saved. Many non-Christians believe that we will all go to heaven (if there is a heaven); some may believe that earthly death ends everything and that a person upon death, ceases to exist—anywhere. Unfortunately, many believe in “a” god who is not THE GOD of the universe, but a god of their own fantasy and creation—a so-called “god” who does not have the attributes of THE TRUE GOD. Others may believe in a code of ethics that they have tried to embrace, corresponding to one of the so-called philosophers of history. How such a code of ethics can point to a future life, after one’s earthly life, is hard to imagine.

Now let me be very clear about this. There is an end to each life on earth, baring a miracle. We will all die, someday…whether in a manner we may choose, or not.

There is a life after death, whether or not it is popular to imagine. It is abundantly clear that there are two possible paths to follow before we meet our earthly death.

The Bible (which is THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD), tells us pf the two possible lives after death: the eternal life in heaven WITH God, and the eternal life of punishment WITHOUT God and His mercy.

While we are alive on this earth, we can make our choice. If we put off the choice of eternal life in heaven WITH God, we will not have it.

If you have read any of my previous writings on the internet, I have carefully and in much detail laid out the path for eternal life WITH GOD THE FATHER AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I give the steps, briefly here again with the certainty that if followed with a sincere heart, they will result in eternal life in heaven WITH GOD…FOREVER…FOREVER…FOREVER.

There are some further things about these steps or about anything else I have written that I would gladly discuss with anyone, while my life and faculties are still with me.

SEE…IN ORDER:  Romans 3:23, and in this connection, see Romans 5:12-14…then Romans 6:23…then John 3:16 and Romans 5:8…then as a further thought with roans 6:23, see John 3:18 and John 3:36..then see Romans 10:9-10 and Romans 10:13.

Now these are Biblical truths…they can be denied—but they CANNOT be altered.

I look forward, eagerly, to my eternal life in heaven with my BLESSED LORD. Dear Friend, will I see you there?

Written by
William W. Figley
WWII Veteran – Navy
MAY 4, 2014 – age 87