The U.S.A. is a free country with limited laws – laws that protect everyone’s individual freedom (or, at least, it is supposed to).So it is neither American nor legal for one person or one group to trash the rights of another person or group in order to promote his or their own rights. This country has laws in place to prevent this from happening, but trashing the God-given rights of others in order to promote their own rights is the agenda of the gays and lesbians. Now not all of these groups believe this way, but by and large, as a group, this is what we get.

Any way of life that trashes the rights of others in order to rise over others is morally wrong and should be stopped at all costs. True freedom is not freedom unless it is freedom for everyone. Today, there is a movement underway to change that. Their freedom is important and yours is not. Does any thinking person believe that this kind of action founded our nation? Does anyone believe that this kind of action and belief can sustain individual freedom? OF COURSE NOT!!!!

Would I employ a known homosexual if I had a position to fill with certain qualifications for the job? Absolutely YES – IF it is understood that the gay way of life is not to be openly promoted. Yes, the qualifications for the job have to be met, and the willingness to do the job must be met, but here we are not dealing with church or spiritual matters. Job loyalty and the job requirements only are the issue as far as the job is concerned.
Need we go back in history into the 1700’s to again establish the formation of the U.S.A. and its laws, regulations and privileges? Perhaps we do! Most of our Founding Fathers, perhaps all of them, came from countries with kings, dictators, and authoritative leaders who trashed all peoples’ rights except their own. These American leaders were determined that the U.S.A. would never be subject to a king or dictator, or anyone trying to make himself a king or dictator.

Now I have previously dealt with the subject of where our rights come from as citizens of a free society. Our Founding Fathers who, after great discussion, formulated our country’s laws, believed in Christian principles. Not all, of course, would qualify as Christians in the spiritual sense, but all would and did believe that man’s fundamental rights came from God. To think or to act differently from this, anyone must assume that our rights (freedom rights) did not come from God, but from men or groups of men. This latter belief would cancel out government by laws, which came from thinking people guided by God.

It is also 100% likely that if our rights do not come from God (our fundamental human rights), then some man, or group of men, could and would assume kingly and dictatorial authority over as many as possible, and this man or group would rule by power, selfishness and disregard for anything a truly free person would have or value. Now if anyone thinks this is incorrect, let him show proof, before I continue.

Now let’s go a little further with our discussion. I believe that all peoples should be able to live together in peace. However, some individuals and/or groups want their own way so badly that they would gladly take away the rights of others of a different view in order to put their belief at the top. The examples of this type of behavior tell us that it is not enough for a person to be allowed his or her own belief, but those with kinky and immoral beliefs want to make their beliefs the “norm” – not the exception. And to do so, they employ lies and suspect logic to fortify their own belief and really do not care a bit about the belief of anyone else. There is no belief but their belief that should be allowed, according to them and their tactics.

Now I’m going to go all out with my examples and with my explanations. Anyone and everyone is able and encouraged to agree or to disagree.

A true Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, and at some point in his life, has surrendered to Christ and has been forgiven for his sins as he had asked God to do for him.

There are many good, moral persons in our society who have never taken this step of faith. Such people can become Christians, but even if they never do, their morality, common sense and dedication to equality under the law stands out in everything they do. There is a right and a wrong in what people do and in how they behave.

Our Founding Fatherss had some of both classes of people. Our old-time leaders did not consist of people with off-the-wall ideas, wrong attitudes, or one group attacking another group for their beliefs – moral, spiritual, or otherwise.

People with the wrong view of government will create havoc with our nation, just like Barak Obama and his cohorts. Why? Because people with the wrong view of government also have the wrong view of individual liberty. Now prove that that is wrong, if you can.

We are supposed to have freedom of religion in the U.S.A. How can this be possible when people with immoral and unnatural ideas make every attempt to put their views ahead of all others? Ask the higher leaders of the Protestant faith and of the Catholic faith: Are there any attempts being made to squelch the Christian viewpoint in the U.S.A.? I’m sure that they will tell you much more about it than I can!! I am quite sure they will tell you of all the attempts to change, downgrade or absolutely trash the position of freedom for all, within laws that protect all.

The position of freedom for all is, of course, the Christian position of rule and always has been. This is why it is important to remember that our country is linked with freedom for the individual and the Christian po0sition of life. Remember, our forefathers equated individual freedom with man’s God-given rights. Somewhere along the way, God, THE God of the Bible, has to be acknowledged and lived up to, or no one has any real freedom.
Now this has been all over the TV news by this time. A certain individual entered a professional bakery, and he knew exactly what he was doing and what he was asking. Would the baker put the names of the two gay men on the top of the wedding cake? Now the asking person knew quite well the Christian position of this particular baker. Of this, there is no doubt.

Now all of you know the shameful results concerning this baker, who by our laws, was entirely covered by his rights. The baker politely refused because of his religious beliefs. Most of you can understand that this was a test case and had absolutely nothing to do with obeying the wishes of the gay person and everything to do with the religious freedom of the baker. I’m not sure at this writing what the situation is, concerning the test case.

If asked what I would do in a case like this, I would respond as follows: (now I’m not saying that everyone of my religious convictions should do the same, or would do the same)

I would merely say to the gay person, “Friend, I’m sorry, but I cannot in good conscience lend myself to a gay agenda. But I appreciate you as a friend and as a fellow American. Let me bake for you the best cake you will ever have, for free, candles and all, with no writing or inscription on it. And here are the names of a couple of bakers who will do your lettering for you, if you do not wish to do it yourself.”

Now, I ask for the public’s opinion of my decision, to see what fault there can possibly be in what I have offered. (I think they did give them names of other bakers who would do it. AND, this person had already been a repeat customer. Have to check…)
I can almost guarantee that the offer will be refused, with perhaps an unkind phrase or two being said in the bargain. Why? Because it was never a question that such a service as asked for could not be obtained elsewhere. It was a blatant attempt to force one religious view over another.

There are several good and correct reasons why the gay lifestyle is wrong, as is the lesbian lifestyle, and also pro-abortion, held by some of the very same people.

Geneses 1:27 (in the Bible) says: “Male and female He created them.” There is not a single reference in the entire Bible to suggest anything but God’s disapproval of the gay lifestyle.

Also see Romans, beginning at 1:21 and through the rest of that chapter, especially verses 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, which deals with gay and lesbian lifestyles. These so-called lifestyles are condemned by God as being unnatural and not according to God’s design.

Now of course, many people besides Christian people condemn abortion as being an action contrary to what God designed. And regardless of a person’s understanding, can the worth of any life be trashed even before it is lived out?

Now let’s consider the gay and lesbian lifestyles and ask how the human race could be continued by such behavior and lifestyle? No children could be produced by such lifestyles – that much is quite evident!!

Abortion is not God’s way, either. Now, I will agree that decisions concerning abortion can often be very sticky. Rapes occur, and there are other considerations, so that some people feel that abortion is the only way out. But I know of many cases where children of rape become outstanding people. This is the grace of God, which we must never forget.

Now I believe there is a distinct difference between sin and error in a person’s life (in a normal lifestyle of men and women) and a deliberate lifestyle, which is condemned by God from the beginning. The gay and the lesbian lifestyles are completely wrong according to Scripture, and also according to common sense. Why were man and woman created by God, and why are they different in their abilities and attitudes and skills to begin with?

Romans 1:28 (the Bible) says, “…and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind (corrupt, depraved mind) to do those things which are not convenient.”

Dear friends, the very moment we decide not to do things according to God, and not to live our lives according to God’s pattern, we have automatically decided that man and his ways and his opinions will guide us in our lives. There can be nothing but disaster ahead with such thinking. Are wars and desolations of man caused or sanctioned by God? NO!!! Did God create man and woman to do them as much harm as possible? Then why did He create them at all? Is man the Creator, or God??

Also, dear friends, people and the parents of people, and the children of people are important parts of the lives of all of us. Why does the Bible spend so much time, printing and ink, in outlining the parentage and the genealogies of so many? Does this not suggest their importance?

I urge you, readers, to give careful consideration to what I have written, employing common sense, and remembering that each of us has had the great privilege of living in a country where equal rights are legal. Those who oppose lifestyles that are wrong, deviant and downgrading do not desire to deprive anyone of their individual rights as citizens of a free nation.

Also, you must remember the traditions of a free society. Those who are not gay and lesbian, and those who oppose abortion have never asked you to give up your rights, even though your lifestyles are contrary to God and His order.

What is your opinion, dear readers? Freedom for some, or freedom for all?

-Composed by Bill Figley (May,2015)
Professional Musician, Student of Government
and of Politics, Navy Veteran W.W.II, age 88