Oh, My!!

A subject most people know about and a subject that has been unresolved for far too long now,.

For years our southern border has been an extremely porous area. In recent years, and especially now (late August, 2014), we find an ever increasing danger to our national security that congress and the president cannot or will not address.

Very, very recently, thousands of children crossed over into the U.S.A., about 90,000 or more. Why? Why this horrific number?

It is one thing for adults to violate our borders—we have seen a lot of this, but all these children?

What do we do about all this illegal influx of people, let alone children, that we know little about?

First of all, consider that we have the best country in the world – at least, we did have – until Socialism, false leadership, and criminal negligence, have made our borders a joke to millions, and an ever increasing menace to a free society, to citizens entitled to protection from danger or the threat of danger.

Let us consider who crosses our borders and why—it is mind-boggling to list those who come—it is very easy to guess “why”, but the “who” (who these people really are) can often remain a mystery

Of course, we know that there are gun-runners, smugglers, international criminals, drug smugglers, low-lifes of all kinds, and much more—like terrorists, Islamists, and dissidents galore.

Then there are disadvantaged people from Mexico, South America, the Caribbean area, and beyond, seeking a better life.

Now this is where things get sticky in our thinking. A very recent TV discussion revealed that those who came seeking a better life and more freedom are not really refugees, as some assume, because refugees are those seeking to escape death because of revolution or government breakdown. True, many seek something better than the life they have, but they are not refugees. They had homes, even though they weren’t always good homes.

Now, some very serious issues must be dealt with, ASAP.

As it not stands, our great country is deluged with adults and children they don’t know about, as well as those who criminally brought them here, and broke our laws. Does anyone think, if they stay (and surely some will hide and stay), that we can pay their way—millions upon millions, for food, water, housing, education, jobs, college, homes, etc.?

It is not a question of compassion, and I believe we all have some of that; but, it is a question of protecting LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS, and not allowing a bankrupting financial result against those who must pay the bill.

President Obama will not even go to the Texas border with Mexico or to any actual borders with Mexico in other states, to see for himself what havoc is being allowed. The governor of Texas attests to this. Our entire system of protection for our citizens is almost completely broken because of the terrible influx of illegals. In addition, I have carefully followed the Senate and the House in the U.S. Congress, and it is, in my opinion, the fault of the Senate that a very stiff immigration policy has not been established.

Now let’s move along to the rights violations against U.S. citizens, from Texas and California to Maine and Rhode Island.

I may have to get a little personal in this regard, as I have just experienced a violation of my own rights in a similar way. I am a citizen of a small town in west-central Ohio, and I have personally witnessed violations of my rights for the possible benefit of those who were not entitled to rights at the expense of mine.

Whenever violations of citizens’ rights occur, wrong has been done by those responsible, regardless of how well-meaning the actions may be. This is not the American way. It is not only illegal and immoral to sacrifice one person’s rights for the possible good of another, it is also contrary to common sense. Quite often such action is unnecessary and certainly ill-advised.

It is fundamentally wrong, to do wrong, in order to do something right for someone else, worthy or not. Anyone who engages in such practices not only crosses the legal line, but sets an example of tearing down the country.

Now, if we were to compare this to the immigration issue, those allowed to come into our country illegally have NO rights, or should have NO rights; there was NO permission, NO offer of payment or exchange—just coming into the country uninvited, whereas others had already secured their rights by status, hard work, and obeying the law.

And, of course, the do-gooders will do all in their power to avoid paying for their mistakes and disregard of rights that they had NO authority to change. Too many times in our country’s history, compassion for others has been treated as permission to right perceived wrongs, without regard to the rights of anyone else. It is never correct to trash the legal rights of some in order to (hopefully) try to help others.

There ARE legal means to re-dress and correct wrongs, and if such means are not followed, no one will have any rights at all.

There is an age-old story that has been around forever that might possibly explain the immigration issue, as well as other issues.

There was a goose that laid golden eggs, and this was a delight. But someone with little knowledge and worse judgment killed the goose for immediate food. But guess what?

There were no more golden eggs.

Written by
William W. Figley, age 88
U.S. Navy – World War II