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I sincerely believe that in many circumstances of life, and in many considerations, some of the age-old questions still remain, largely unanswered.

As far as mankind is concerned, someone has posed old but unanswered questions about everyone’s earthly life:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

I believe these are very fair questions, and the answers, lived out in each of our daily lives, will determine our destiny.

I certainly believe that philosophers and students, as well as many concerned people, have pondered these questions, and have tried to find the answers.

First of all, “Who am I?” Well, you are a man or a woman; of whatever age you choose to be. Are you like the animals, which have good instincts, but limited reasoning power? Proper reasoning would say, “No!” Animals have instincts (automatic actions); men and women have the power of thought. So man is above the animals in brain power. But who is man—who created him or caused him to be? It would have to be someone, or some force that is superior to man.

Science has shown that evolution from a one-celled being or animal is, at best, an unbelievable possibility. It takes intelligence to create a being of intelligence. Could it be an intelligent creator, seeking to create a being that could relate to him?

The next question is really tied in very closely with the first. If we say we can’t tell, and thus we don’t know who or what created us as human beings—then we really cannot say who we are.

Now we are not talking about the sexual process of conception and birth, of whatever species we are considering.

By what or by whose hand are we allowed to be born? (come into existence?) Who gave us the power to produce sons and daughters? It certainly cannot be a product of our own will!

No—by all powers of reason, man could only have been created by a superior being, and the bible tells us that this is God.

Now if you disagree with this reasoning, explain to me how man came to be, and woman also. You will, of course, have much explaining to do, and it must make sense.

Then, let’s go on. Why am I here?

Do you, Do I, Does any man or woman, have any purpose for being on earth, for being born? This goes beyond saying I’m here in Ohio, or Oklahoma, or another country. This means, why am I alive, and on earth, somewhere?

Is there any purpose for anyone’s life on earth? What about your life, friend? Is it important enough that you, or I, should be here, and be part of society, or is mankind, and every person here, for no purpose? Science itself has a purpose, as simple or as complex as that may be.

Isn’t it depressing and disheartening to assume that all of life, humanly speaking, is an accident—that it has no meaning, no purpose, and no relevance to anything? People who think this way are criminals, rapists, murderers or worse. Do we think of ourselves this way? I hope not!!

No, it really makes no sense to think that all people and all life as accidental and worthless. Instead, it makes perfect sense to think that there is a God in heaven, an intelligent being, a creator, and a caring and loving spiritual person—a person interested in connecting with us, interested in receiving glory from our lives and our accomplishments. Otherwise, all life, all accomplishments, all relationships are worthless, accidental and without meaning.

I am reminded of an old gospel tract, which I imagine has been out of print for many years. The title is, “Suppose it is True After All — What Then?” I still remember that this gospel tract was colored orange and white, very provocative-looking and nicely designed.

The tract, on the inside, had this message: suppose it is true, after all—that there IS a God in heaven, an all-seeing, super-intelligent being who created man in his own image, and gave him status and opportunity on the earth. Suppose that this God, this superior being hoped that man might bring glory to His Creator, would love Him and obey Him.

This, I firmly believe was God’s expectation, His hope, His purpose for man, and mankind. But wait!!! There is more! Suppose that man does not always do what is right. Suppose he doesn’t completely understand what is right. Suppose he makes mistakes, some on purpose, some mistakes the result of poor choices. Man is certainly not perfect, as God is perfect.

And to make our situation a bit more complicated, shouldn’t we be aware that God, a super-intelligent being, would be aware that man would often fail, often disappoint his God, often cause God distress? I believe we can assume that quite readily.

So we have a perfect creator, and an imperfect created being (many, many of these). How can this situation be resolved?

We find, as we study God’s Word, The Bible, thoroughly, we discover that from the beginning of man’s creation, man had a free will. God gave him a free will, the ability to choose, to sift circumstances for the truth.

There are those who say that man does not have a free will—these people have not studied nor observed the history of man. I can point to Adam and Eve and quickly disprove such a notion. And throughout the history of men and women, I can show you that man has a free will.

We all can easily, or should easily accept that, because we have law abiding people and we have criminals—murderers, rapists, robbers, kidnappers, sexual perverts, etc.—no one can prove that the free will of man is not involved in these things. Man has a choice in his behavior.

Why did God ever give man a free will? Wouldn’t it be better if man were programmed so that he couldn’t do wrong? I believe that the Bible clearly indicates that God wanted man to have a free will and to love and obey Him rather than to be a robot in his being. What would be of glory to God, except man’s love towards God, and his obedience to God?

Now, let us proceed to the last question of our inquiry—Where am I going? (Where is man going?)

God has definitely indicated in His Word, that there is a life after death. Scripture after Scripture declares this. And since God, The Creator, has made provision for all men—let’s look at this.

God has clearly told us that there is an eternal consequence for sin (wrongdoing of any kind). Ezekiel 18:4 – “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” And further, Romans 3:23 -“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

God has also told us, in His Word, that there is a way out of our sin problem—Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “God, who at sundry (many) times and in divers manners (many ways) spoke in time past unto the fathers by (by means of) the prophets—has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, in whom He has appointed heir of all things, by whose authority also he made the worlds.

Jesus Christ, The Son, came to earth, born in a miraculous way, grew up as a man (but He was the God-man), taught the people, healed many, and offered all—to all people—eternal life, by believing in Jesus and calling upon God to forgive sins and to provide us a home in heaven, and everlasting life.

For the sake of time, I will list several verses of Scripture which illustrate and prove these points: John 3:16; John 3:18; John 3:36; Romans 5:8; and Romans 5:1.

The sin problem is dealt with by our receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and sin-bearer. He died on the cross in our place, bearing our sins, and thus, satisfying God, that our sins were covered by the very person we had sinned against. The only one who can forgive sins is THE One whom we have sinned against.

So the question: “Where am I going?” (meaning through life and beyond earthly life), has been answered by God Himself, in John 3:36. We have great words and hope for the saved—he that believeth on The Son has everlasting life, God abideth in him.

Heaven, the after life for the forgiven sinner, could never accept those who have never received Jesus Christ as Savior. – Why?

Because they remain in their sin and disobedience, and have not received the free gift of eternal life. Their destiny is settled by their own free will and choice. God, in the person of God The Father, and God The Son, cannot and never will force a decision upon man. The free will of man does not allow it.

God, in His plan, takes the free will He has given man, offers man the solution to his sin and shortcomings, and guarantees man’s forgiveness and a home in heaven when the earthly life is over.

Friend, where are you going? What have you done with your sin, and with God’s most incredible offer of forgiveness and eternal life?

The gift is there, the offer is there, Jesus is there to receive and cleanse any and all who call upon Him—receive Jesus as sin-bearer and as Lord—while you have earthly life (see Romans 10:9 and 10:13). Be saved and rejoice forevermore.


What a provocative statement – or question, yet it is an important question and one which we should consider.

To make a long story short, the results of believing in Jesus Christ are earth-shattering – even more so when you consider the results of not believing.

Who is Jesus Christ and what makes Him so important?

Jesus Christ is God, along with God The Father. See John 1:1-2 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the Beginning with God.”

Other Bible verses that show that Jesus is God are these: John 10:30 (where Jesus says, “I and My Father are one”); and then further John 14:9b (“He that hath seen Me hath seen The Father”); and then in John 14:11 (“Believe Me that I am in The Father, and The Father in Me”).

Now, where in the Bible does Christ get authority from God The Father? (Of course, it is true, that although both The Father and The Son are equally God, both have different office work, but they have equal authority.

Now we get to the specific authority from God The Father:

Hebrews 1:1-2 – “God, who at many times and in many ways spoke in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, by whom He made the worlds.”

John 5:26-27 – “For as the Father hath life in Himself, so has He given to the Son to have life in Himself; and has given Him authority to execute judgment also, because He is the Son of man.”

John 3:18 – “He that believeth on Him (Christ, the Son of God) is not condemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

John 3:36 – “He that believeth on the son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

“But wait a minute,” say some of the unbelieving professors, the learned men, the philosophers – why, it is much easier and sounds better to many just to believe in God. (Of course, this can only be a pretense or a generic belief.) It would be more accurate to say that very many believe in “A” god, but not “The” God of the Bible. And since they believe in God in a general way, it is easier in their minds to manipulate God in their thoughts – Why, God is good! – He wishes us no harm – Why, we are all going to end up in heaven! Where, pray tell, did this idea come from?

It is much easier in their minds to deal with God alone, as long as they can imagine or think of God in ways that suit themselves and that limit their responsibility towards Him. They do not want to get specific about many, many things that the true God has said – about life, about heaven, about responsibility, about obedience, etc.

The truth about Jesus Christ is this: He is co-equal with God The Father. God The Father has given to Jesus Christ unlimited authority, because Christ came to earth and had a very intimate relationship with man, one that was personal. Jesus Christ was God’s representative to man, an authoritative figure or God The Father. Jesus Christ spoke the words of God The Father, the truth of God the Father, the authority of God The Father.

See also, John 5:22 and John 12:44-45.

Now, let’s carry this business a little further. We know, or can know about God and His ways from the Bible. What evidences are there that the bible is true?

First of all, there are many prophecies in the Bible, most all of which have come true. There are a few more that await the time of fulfillment. There has never been and will never be a way found for any man or group to have re-written the Bible after events have taken place. This idea has been floated for many years, and is a complete falsehood.

Secondly, then there is the testimony of lives that have been changed because of belief and trust in Jesus Christ and commitment of lives to Him. Such commitments must be sincere or they are not accepted, and no changes in life, belief, or habits will occur. I, myself, committed my life to Christ at about age 24, and my life was drastically changed, sins forgiven, a new heart for God was created, and a better and much more satisfying life has unfolded, with God being in charge. Is my life now perfect? NO! But I am forgiven!! Such a change is the experience of every true believer in Jesus Christ.

Those who live for God make a much better world, a much better country and a much better society than those who do not live for God. If you do not live for God, you then obviously live for yourself. Some difference!

Forgiveness of sins, a home in heaven, the promise of forgiveness when you ask for it…sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Of course, you will not face the wrath of God life those are unsaved. These unsaved are also unforgiven.

Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, Dear Friend. You should realize that as an unsaved person, you cannot have the peace and the blessings that God intended for you.

If you are sincere about this matter – pray this simple prayer, silently or out loud:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I realize that I am a sinner, and I cannot save myself. I believe that Jesus died on the cross, taking the sinner’s place, taking my place – I ask you, Lord, to come into my heart and save me, forgive my sins and make me a new creature in Christ. I ask in simple faith, believing that You will save me. In Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Friend, if you prayed this simple prayer and were sincere, you now belong to God and He will help you to become the person God meant you to be.




Big government results in the loss of many of your freedoms, as well as the freedoms of others. It creates job paralysis, a crippled middle class (the backbone of America) and puts many people from the middle class into the poorer class – and creates higher taxes. Also, it puts you under the rule of un-elected bureaucrats (who care only for their own agenda, not for your welfare), and under rules that crush you rather than rules that give you opportunity.

It is not part of our Constitution that the U.S.A. must be the world’s “policeman”; and, indeed, we could not be, even with our seemingly unlimited resources. If we tried to do this in any depth at all, then all the lives and wealth of our citizens would be consumed and we would be at war forever with the wealth of each citizen allocated and spent–no matter how much or how little.

But it IS in our Constitution, that the duty of the federal government is to protect our citizens. This could mean action abroad against enemies who could harm us in the future. In fact, we have already been through that in World Wars I and II, in many other conflicts and in many other countries, including Arab countries. A wise federal government will have to decide what constitutes a future threat to our citizens and what does not.

Now, what does all this come down to? What is the point of it all? Simply this: unless you have elected people in government who are dedicated to OUR LAWS AS WRITTEN IN OUR CONSTITUTION, you will never have the results that a free people are entitled to. You will never have law and order – which brings personal peace and far-reaching opportunity for ALL, if they will accept the chances given to them with the blessing and the promotion of our government. Government does not need to subsidize businesses, but government does need to embrace and preserve the freedoms which its citizens are entitled to—not only under the law, but further than that, to give its people the right to pursue their dreams. The government has no right nor authority to trash the dreams of one group in order to give advantage to another group of people.

Now the problem that this brings to light is this: how many or what percent of big government thinkers and/or lawmakers can be persuaded to become adherents to our Constitution and Rule of Law, which includes Common Sense?

My personal opinion is, not many. Perhaps if after the Rule of Law has been in effect for several years, some might see the wisdom in allowing businesses to flourish and business dreams and personal accomplishments to be the norm. Why am I [SO SKEPTICAL]? Because converting anyone from our government philosophy to a vastly different one is quite uncertain. The Apostle Paul was changed from a bruising, punishing legalist—in his time—to a compassionate and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. Ronald Reagan was once a follower of The New Deal, the start of liberalism in this country. Where would we be now without his conversion and dynamic example?

It seems then that the only way to get people into governmental power, who are dedicated to a FREE economy, millions of jobs, great financial prosperity and fulfillment of the dreams of many, is to elect only people with this mindset and determination and to allow the political party that is dedicated to the FREE MARKET SYSTEM and to results that give our people freedom and dignity to TAKE OVER. And THEN BE EVER VIGILANTabout: government secrecy, lies, cover-ups, and any activity by government to promote any ideas that trash The Constitution, The Rule of Law, or any open opportunities that we are all entitled to. Then, I do believe that we will be on our way to the kind of life and the type of country that our Founding Fathers dreamed about.

Proof of failure of the Obama administration or any other, seems to me to be about jobs. If we don’t have decent jobs, where is our opportunity? Where is our dignity? Where is our hope? Where is our reason for trying? What reason have we to give to our children, and eventually to their children?

There is an old saying: “Without a vision the people perish!” And I might add: “Without a fulfilled vision, we have failed!”

We have college students who graduate with specific degrees, in vocations that are common, who end up working for Wendy’s or McDonald’s because there are no jobs for them.

The important thing is what we DO, not necessarily what we title it. Do we want jobs? Do we want fulfilled dreams? Do we want opportunities? Do we want safety? Do we want honesty in government? Do we want pride in our government? If we do, we have to elect people with pride in the right things. Do we want religious freedom in this country? We don’t have it now. Christians, Jews and Catholics are being targeted. The I.R.S. is targeting legitimate businesses or would-be businesses.

It’s the same old story, Folks. It will never end until it is discredited completely. In a FREE COUNTRY, we MUST have equality of opportunity. We cannot afford equality of results. It is not up to government to decide if a prospective business will succeed or fail. The I.R.S. is trying to do that even as we speak…

Written by William W. Figley
August, 2014




What do I mean by this? Who has what power? Why, the power to keep an individual free and to keep his country free!

Through the years, I have seen far too much evidence of our country’s eroding of our individual freedom and our country’s freedom. Now who is at fault here if this is true? It is definitely the fault of those political people! People who have forgotten or who never knew that our country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was founded as a democracy in a REPUBLIC. Many folks mistakenly believe that our country is a democracy. It is, in a sense, but since it is almost impossible for people to individually direct a government by the means of a direct vote, we have here in the U.S.A. a democracy in a REPUBLIC. That is, we elect representatives and senators to Congress to make our laws—yes, and also to vote out some of our laws from time to time.

Now, it is appalling to realize that there are those people, who, if elected to Congress, could possibly change the kind of government we have. These people only believe in freedom for themselves, not for freedom for you and me, the ordinary citizens who scarcely ever make any headlines in the paper, and no rave notices over TV.

I, personally, can muster no respect for anyone who seeks to pull our nation down by changing the nature of our founding principles. We have had these kinds of people around and running for public offices for many years. They simply CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET INTO OFFICE.

Do we, THE PEOPLE, have the power to prevent these traitors from destroying our country? YES, WE CERTAINLY DO! And could we have the power to put OUT of office those who betray our trust? The answer, again, is: YES!

Why are people allowed in public office who attempt to enlarge the government, expand its authority, and/or automatically restrict the people’s freedoms? There is no way to disprove the fact that bigger government means fewer freedoms for the common people. It is a given. And no amount of argument can ever change it.

Now, let’s move on. The only way to begin to restrict government from becoming too large and too powerful, is to ELECT PEOPLE TO EVERY IMPORTANT POSITION IN GOVERNMENT, if not ALL positions—people who are UNASHAMED to support and actively practice limited government and expansion of human freedoms.

This is going to involve the shunning and the actual fighting against the political party which is most responsible for big government and thus fewer freedoms. I don’t need to tell you which party that is!!

It is my positive belief that a political party, and any person in authority who attempts or succeeds in ruining the job creation our country, and succeeds in ruining our system of healthcare, as is being done today by the Obama administration, is not worthy of any public office. It makes no difference what they claim to want to achieve. The have foisted absolute ruin on the middle class and nearly all of us. None of these government officials are worthy of EVER holding office again.

I can hear the cry of: “Harsh!! Harsh!!” Yeah, almost as “harsh” as the trashing of our God-given freedoms!!

Now let me review what has happened and what WILL happen with big government in charge. The Obama administration starts with the President, himself, and his disastrous health plan. Next, his threat of bypassing Congress and issuing as many Executive Orders as possible, illegal or not, to accomplish his passion to ruin our country. Next, his threats of issuing czars, or unelected, nameless, faceless stooges, to oversee important government functions. This is also illegal.

Let’s see now, we may have un-elected people governing every aspect of our lives, Folks.

Now, Dear Friends, do you realize what happens with big government and foreign ideologies running our lives? As voters, far too many have voted FOR big government. Such voters have handed over our choices and our welfare to others who have an agenda, and a goal that is contrary to a free society. People who have been elected do not have the rights of citizens and taxpayers at heart. Our interests are at the bottom of their agendas. The results of such horrible actions speak for themselves. Our citizens, including high officials, are not being protected overseas. Many have suffered death and nobody can seem to find out just who was responsible. As voters, we have, in reality surrendered our rights to others, to those who do NOT care for our safety, our government, as a whole, and who have flexed their power over us. But we as voters have allowed this to happen.

Why should a so-called free people surrender their choices and their God-given rights to uncaring politicians, many of whom are nameless, faceless, and seemingly untraceable? We will probably never find the instigators or the guilty parties involved. And guess whose money is being used to destroy the common people? IT’S OUR MONEY, OF COURSE. Do you think that this is going to change, by listening to those who caused these things—now “wanting” to “fix” them? If we have no more sense than this, we are doomed!!

As I see our situation, the plight of the common man in this country—we have handed over our power and authority for a dog-bone while our worthless politicians are enjoying a feast. Does this seem fair? NO!! NO!! NO!!

It simply boils down to this. When we, THE VOTERS, elect the WRONG people, with the WRONG ideas, the WRONG agenda, and the WRONG motives, WE lose.

We dare not send people to represent us who favor, or have favored, bigger government, fewer freedoms, or those who love Socialism over a free society. We dare NOT elect ONE MORE LIBERAL, ONE MORE PERSON WHO DESPISES THE FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, OR ONE MORE PERSON WHO WILL NEVER ADMIT TO THE WRONG HE HAS CAUSED.

Moderate candidates can NEVER cause this governmental mess to disappear. Forget those who call people like me, Radicals!! The REAL radicals are the left-wing Socialists who would destroy the freest society that God has ever allowed.

I hereby invite any who think they can prove me wrong, to proceed. If they can’t, they can join me in voting for freedom, for responsibility and for a country with the promise of unbelievable success!!

William W. Figley
APRIL, 2014


This may certainly seem, as a title, to be obscure – yes, maybe obsolete. But a closer look may make us think otherwise.

Human behavior is one of the most fascinating studies on earth. And try as hard as we may – we oftentimes come up short as far as answers to human behavior are concerned. </>

Human behavior is responsible for wars, for quarrels, for happiness, for despair, for perpetual wonder, and many times, we are tempted to give up trying to understand it.

Let’s see if we can make any sense out of human behavior. Sometimes it is good, but often not good, unrighteous, and terrible.

The basis of our behavior is probably what we have been taught, and also what we think is important in life. Teaching and environment, and maybe even heredity may play a part.

Of course, as humans, we are not alone. There are family members, friends, maybe enemies, mentors, parents, teachers, yes, also leaders of various kinds. How should we treat one another, and why?

If humans, yes, any and all humans, did things God’s way, there would be very little trouble on the earth that a little kindness and common sense couldn’t solve.

And then, there is this neighbor thing. Just who is my neighbor? Is it the person just next door?  – or farther down the street? Does it include people we don’t know, and have never seen? Are policemen and public officials to be treated as neighbors?

These questions deserve answers, if life is to be fair and worthy of anyone’s attention.

We could say, for starters, that a person‘s behavior is self-related or God-related, with lots of twists and turns between.

It has been my experience, as I near 88 years of age, that every person needs to consider the results in living life for self or allowing God to instruct us in His way. I am very sure that most people, by their behavior, consider only the short-term consequences of behavior, and not the long term effects.

I also believe that what God has to say about our behavior will help us to understand better just who our neighbor is.

Most of us are aware, in general, about the Ten Commandments. A pastor I admired very much said that too many people treat them as “the Ten Suggestions.” I think it is worse than that, even.

In the Bible, Exodus, Chapter 20, we see what the Commandments are. The first 4 deal with man’s relationship to God. In brief, these 4 are as follows:

1.Thou shalt have no other gods before God.

2.You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

3.You shall not make any graven image (to worship).

4.You are to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.
Now, the last 6 Commandments are very specific – and deal entirely with man’s relationship with man:

5.Honor your father and your mother.

6.You shall not kill.

7.You shall not commit adultery.

8.You shall not steal.

9.You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10.You shall not covet.

Now let’s go one step further – in the book of Romans, Chapter 13 – there is a listing of the Commandments pertaining to man’s relationship to man – then verse 9 goes on to say: “…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Then verse 10 goes further – “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

Now, as we look further into what God says about man and his ways –Proverbs 14:12 says: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Now, whether you can believe this or not – Proverbs 16:25 says the very same thing – word for word. How can this be? It can be, because it is important, so it is repeated in Scripture. It’s not a misprint.

What exactly is meant by these duplicate verses? A way of life can seem right to a person, but if it isn’t God’s way, it end in death or ruin. Many people form their lifestyles in ways that are unrealistic and unnatural, and they end up paying the price of their human folly. What they are living life, and living for, is self-centered and fleshly and has no lasting value. Opposite to the ways of selfishness are the ways of God, where one considers the needs of others, as well as his own.

Well, I hear someone say, “It’s just as I thought – a bunch of rules – I don’t like rules, I like freedom.”

But, Dear Friend, what if your so-called “freedom”, your selfish lifestyle, leads you to trouble and despair? What will you do then?

I am a musician, and quite active yet in my latter years. I love the old hymns because there is abiding truth there. I call to mind an old hymn I can no long find in any books I have. The title is “Unworthy” written by Ira Stanphill, who composed over 240 hymns. The song begins: “Unworthy am I, of the least of His grace…” But before the song ends, the words say: “But He made me worthy…” Yes, God can make us worthy of what we can never deserve.

Now, read very carefully – there is something about the Ten Commandments I have spoken about that everyone must know…EVERYONE!

No one can be justified before God and held blameless from his sins and shortcomings by keeping the Ten Commandments! Simply because, no human person except Christ, when on earth, could ever keep the Ten Commandments. It’s impossible for man to keep them. He may try, but he will fail. Man cannot even keep the 1st Commandment, which in its simplest form says, “Lovwe the Lord your God with all your strength, etc. (Having no other gods before Him.)

So in reality, the Ten Commandments are the ideal, the ultimate goal, but will never be the actual reality.

How, then, can a person become worthy in the sight of God?

Only one way – admit to God that you are a sinner and that you fall short of God’s glory and His expectations for you (Romans 3:23). Be aware that someday you will face the consequences of your sinful life and lifestyle (Romans 6:23). Realize that God loves you (John 3:16). Then know that Jesus Christ died for you (Romans 5:6 and 8) and that you can have eternal life and the forgiveness for your sins – God offers this to you – (Romans 10:9-10). Then be assured that this is real – God says so (Romans 10:13).

Now that you have received Christ as your Savior, you can learn and know more about your neighbor—you will want to. Your neighbor, to begin with, is anyone you know, and well enough to have some influence with, maybe even someone you have thought about that you don’t know well. And, of course, your loved ones and relatives are your neighbors.

Now what about people that you don’t know in faraway places – people you’ve never seen and probably won’t ever see in person?

Simply allow God to reveal to you, just whom He would have you help and to be interested in. Maybe some mission agency or some pastor or evangelist will give you the key to that person or group.

And, Oh! Welcome to God’s way! You’ll never miss the way you had.

Written by
William W. Figley
June, 2014


Just what is knowledge and what is wisdom?

Knowledge is a clear perception or understanding of a truth or fact.

Wisdom is the quality of being wise, of discernment; good judgment.

It is obvious, then, that wisdom is beyond knowledge – it is knowledge that is tempered by experience and good sense.

Many people have knowledge, but very little wisdom.

Wisdom is essentially knowing how to use knowledge correctly, and is knowledge + experience in how to apply that knowledge.

Knowledge by itself is an incomplete thing – knowledge that has been tried and tested; however, is an advanced thing. We could even say that wisdom is knowledge applied in a discerning manner.

There are two kinds of wisdom: man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom. See I Corinthians 1:18 through 21. Verse 21 of this passage says: “For after that in the wisdom of God, the world by wisdom knew not God.” (Translated – simply means – the world’s wisdom cannot know God, cannot know God’s wisdom.)

Man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom each has a different end and goal. Man’s wisdom tries to lead into man’s good alone – God’s wisdom definitely leads to our understanding of God’s ways and our obedience to them.

The ways of God (and the wisdom of God) are opposite to the ways of selfishness. God’s ways consider the needs of others – and are also pleasing to God.
Some reminders about wisdom, knowledge and understanding are to be found in the Scriptures.
Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding” and then verse 6, also: “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Proverbs 13:15 “Good understanding giveth favor: but the way of transgressors is hard.”

Now, no one will try to deny that living a life of self alone may bring temporary satisfaction and temporary good to that person – that would seem to be obvious. But what about the long term of life? Can such a lifestyle over a long term bring permanent peace?

We must, as citizens of earth and citizens of the world, people of God’s creation, mind the wisdom of God, which is SO much better than the wisdom of man. The wisdom of man serves each creature individually – but the wisdom of God serves the person + serves God the Creator + ALL the people of the world who are involved in the situation we are talking about.

Consider, if you will, the following verses of Scripture – which are not only truth, but are the wisdom of God:

Ezekiel 18:4 “Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

Then, Ezekiel 33:11 “Say unto them, as I live saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil way, for why will ye die, o house of Israel?”

Oh, really? Look at Romans 3:9-10 “What then? Are we better than they? No, in no wise: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin. As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one.

So what is the remedy for the unrighteousness of man, for your unrighteousness, my Friend? What can you do, to follow the wisdom of God, and abandon your own wisdom? Your own wisdom leads to death (eventually separation from God), way beyond physical death.

Believe what God says about you – and this is true of all flesh:

1.Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

2.Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin in death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

3.Romans 5:8 “Gut God commendeth (Showed) His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

4.Romans 10:9-10 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus (Jesus as Lord), and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. – For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

This is God’s remedy for sin, and of course, the very wisdom of God.

So, Dear Friend, which will it be for you? – YOUR wisdom or God’s?




Oh, My!!

A subject most people know about and a subject that has been unresolved for far too long now,.

For years our southern border has been an extremely porous area. In recent years, and especially now (late August, 2014), we find an ever increasing danger to our national security that congress and the president cannot or will not address.

Very, very recently, thousands of children crossed over into the U.S.A., about 90,000 or more. Why? Why this horrific number?

It is one thing for adults to violate our borders—we have seen a lot of this, but all these children?

What do we do about all this illegal influx of people, let alone children, that we know little about?

First of all, consider that we have the best country in the world – at least, we did have – until Socialism, false leadership, and criminal negligence, have made our borders a joke to millions, and an ever increasing menace to a free society, to citizens entitled to protection from danger or the threat of danger.

Let us consider who crosses our borders and why—it is mind-boggling to list those who come—it is very easy to guess “why”, but the “who” (who these people really are) can often remain a mystery

Of course, we know that there are gun-runners, smugglers, international criminals, drug smugglers, low-lifes of all kinds, and much more—like terrorists, Islamists, and dissidents galore.

Then there are disadvantaged people from Mexico, South America, the Caribbean area, and beyond, seeking a better life.

Now this is where things get sticky in our thinking. A very recent TV discussion revealed that those who came seeking a better life and more freedom are not really refugees, as some assume, because refugees are those seeking to escape death because of revolution or government breakdown. True, many seek something better than the life they have, but they are not refugees. They had homes, even though they weren’t always good homes.

Now, some very serious issues must be dealt with, ASAP.

As it not stands, our great country is deluged with adults and children they don’t know about, as well as those who criminally brought them here, and broke our laws. Does anyone think, if they stay (and surely some will hide and stay), that we can pay their way—millions upon millions, for food, water, housing, education, jobs, college, homes, etc.?

It is not a question of compassion, and I believe we all have some of that; but, it is a question of protecting LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS, and not allowing a bankrupting financial result against those who must pay the bill.

President Obama will not even go to the Texas border with Mexico or to any actual borders with Mexico in other states, to see for himself what havoc is being allowed. The governor of Texas attests to this. Our entire system of protection for our citizens is almost completely broken because of the terrible influx of illegals. In addition, I have carefully followed the Senate and the House in the U.S. Congress, and it is, in my opinion, the fault of the Senate that a very stiff immigration policy has not been established.

Now let’s move along to the rights violations against U.S. citizens, from Texas and California to Maine and Rhode Island.

I may have to get a little personal in this regard, as I have just experienced a violation of my own rights in a similar way. I am a citizen of a small town in west-central Ohio, and I have personally witnessed violations of my rights for the possible benefit of those who were not entitled to rights at the expense of mine.

Whenever violations of citizens’ rights occur, wrong has been done by those responsible, regardless of how well-meaning the actions may be. This is not the American way. It is not only illegal and immoral to sacrifice one person’s rights for the possible good of another, it is also contrary to common sense. Quite often such action is unnecessary and certainly ill-advised.

It is fundamentally wrong, to do wrong, in order to do something right for someone else, worthy or not. Anyone who engages in such practices not only crosses the legal line, but sets an example of tearing down the country.

Now, if we were to compare this to the immigration issue, those allowed to come into our country illegally have NO rights, or should have NO rights; there was NO permission, NO offer of payment or exchange—just coming into the country uninvited, whereas others had already secured their rights by status, hard work, and obeying the law.

And, of course, the do-gooders will do all in their power to avoid paying for their mistakes and disregard of rights that they had NO authority to change. Too many times in our country’s history, compassion for others has been treated as permission to right perceived wrongs, without regard to the rights of anyone else. It is never correct to trash the legal rights of some in order to (hopefully) try to help others.

There ARE legal means to re-dress and correct wrongs, and if such means are not followed, no one will have any rights at all.

There is an age-old story that has been around forever that might possibly explain the immigration issue, as well as other issues.

There was a goose that laid golden eggs, and this was a delight. But someone with little knowledge and worse judgment killed the goose for immediate food. But guess what?

There were no more golden eggs.

Written by
William W. Figley, age 88
U.S. Navy – World War II


All of us have a free will. God allows our free will to play out throughout our lives. God created a perfect world system. But man, by his sin and by his choices, has caused many physical happenings to occur – some can be explained, others cannot.

The earthly life was never designed to be perfect…but what if there had been no original sin? We will find out in heaven what it is like—those of us who go there.

There are many things in our physical life on earth that we would love to change, but usually we cannot. We move towards physical death through age, through customs, and through choices. Some of these choices are ours, some are because of the choices of others.

There are many kinds of physical deaths that we humans abhor and find unfavorable: cancer, war, physical breakdown, accidents, physical trauma and difficulties that we wish we could avoid, and that we wish others could avoid. Most of us, especially those of us who care, will look with horror on situations of others that appear to be harsh and unnecessary—and we wish for better things for others, not just for ourselves.

When those of us who are bound for heaven finally get there, we will see, first-hand, what the earthly life and the earthly relationship with God The Father should have been like—and we may wonder why it couldn’t have been so here on earth.

Now consider the Lord Jesus Christ—when He came to earth, born of a virgin, did God remove Him from every harsh physical difficulty that could have befallen him? The answer is obviously—NO!!

Jesus partook of many of the physical and spiritual problems that most of us have. Why? Well, many reasons.

  1.    God The Father did not change the earthly system, the earthly life. Because of the free will of man, sin came into being and we see daily the far-reaching effects of that sin. Now the physical breakdown and the diseases are not all brought on by our choices—but partially by our choices. And I am referring to the breakdown of physical life during the average lifetime, but especially as it leads to our physical death.
  2.    Then it seemed appropriate to GOD THE FATHER that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, in His life on earth, should participate in some of the earthly hardships of man—health, tiredness, bodily weariness, need for sleep and rest and many more physical things, including lack of human strength. And then the spiritual disappointments, humiliation of the cross and earthly death by violent means. These things were so Christ could relate to man and his earthly life. This was so Christ, as a human could experience some of what we earthly creatures go through.
  3.    Then I believe there may be a third reason for the physical and emotional life of all of us (earthly creatures that we are). We may begin to realize that the earthly life is not all—that it has an end, that there is MORE. The Christian probably realizes this more than the non-Christian.

It does not seem to matter to many who are non-Christians, because I was this way before I was saved. Many non-Christians believe that we will all go to heaven (if there is a heaven); some may believe that earthly death ends everything and that a person upon death, ceases to exist—anywhere. Unfortunately, many believe in “a” god who is not THE GOD of the universe, but a god of their own fantasy and creation—a so-called “god” who does not have the attributes of THE TRUE GOD. Others may believe in a code of ethics that they have tried to embrace, corresponding to one of the so-called philosophers of history. How such a code of ethics can point to a future life, after one’s earthly life, is hard to imagine.

Now let me be very clear about this. There is an end to each life on earth, baring a miracle. We will all die, someday…whether in a manner we may choose, or not.

There is a life after death, whether or not it is popular to imagine. It is abundantly clear that there are two possible paths to follow before we meet our earthly death.

The Bible (which is THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD), tells us pf the two possible lives after death: the eternal life in heaven WITH God, and the eternal life of punishment WITHOUT God and His mercy.

While we are alive on this earth, we can make our choice. If we put off the choice of eternal life in heaven WITH God, we will not have it.

If you have read any of my previous writings on the internet, I have carefully and in much detail laid out the path for eternal life WITH GOD THE FATHER AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I give the steps, briefly here again with the certainty that if followed with a sincere heart, they will result in eternal life in heaven WITH GOD…FOREVER…FOREVER…FOREVER.

There are some further things about these steps or about anything else I have written that I would gladly discuss with anyone, while my life and faculties are still with me.

SEE…IN ORDER:  Romans 3:23, and in this connection, see Romans 5:12-14…then Romans 6:23…then John 3:16 and Romans 5:8…then as a further thought with roans 6:23, see John 3:18 and John 3:36..then see Romans 10:9-10 and Romans 10:13.

Now these are Biblical truths…they can be denied—but they CANNOT be altered.

I look forward, eagerly, to my eternal life in heaven with my BLESSED LORD. Dear Friend, will I see you there?

Written by
William W. Figley
WWII Veteran – Navy
MAY 4, 2014 – age 87



It is high time that everyone with a vote and everyone who is an American knows completely about the differences in the size of government.

There is entirely too much talk in our culture today about how to solve problems with our economy, etc., without realizing the things we have done with our economy that do not work. BIG government is to blame, and those who promote it.

It may surprise some people to realize that the shackles upon our economy that are in place today are the reasons that we do not have good jobs and sufficient jobs, and yes, creative jobs. It was never as bad as it is now—that uncertainties that plague job creators plays the uncertainties about healthcare (Obamacare) have combined to put job creation on hold.

Sure, a few states have figured out some ways to create jobs, but that is limited, and nationally we are doing horribly in job creation, in good job opportunities for all, because we don’t know what the problems are—in many cases—then our country’s leaders do not have the guts to eliminate bad policies, and allow the principles available to us to life us up—pretty swiftly, I believe.

Why can’t we allow free markets and good legal competition to create for the citizens of the U.S.A. the very conditions and results that would lift up all of us? Simply because these measures would reduce the size of government.

Certainly there are many misguided people who would cringe at the thought of a smaller federal government. And worse than this, many want bigger and bigger government, so that they can have more and more power over the working man and woman from the middle class of America.

An unfavorable system of regulations on business, unfavorable taxing on job creators, and the most punitive healthcare system on earth have all contributed to a recession here in the U.S.A., and a non-recovery from such a recession.

These conditions in our economy here in the U.S., if changed, would very quickly help every citizen, in providing good jobs and intriguing working conditions. In addition, the ceaseless worry about jobs and about financial security would be lifted. Long-awaited dreams of a better life would begin to be fulfilled. The very poor would be lifted up at least 3 to 4 rungs on the ladder to financial success.

Now—imagine if you can—the sudden removal of conditions associated with low job growth. Imagine, if you can, what jobs could be available during and after we gain energy independence from the Arab countries and others who sell energy products to us. Imagine, if you can, that thousands of jobs would be created with the Canadian pipeline coming through our states.

Now—imagine, if you can—what measure of security all citizens would have if our borders were secure from drug dealers, arms dealers, criminals from other countries, terrorists of whatever persuasion, and a veritable flood of unknown persons flowing across our porous southern borders into our country, people for our legal citizens to deal with, help and pay for, and for how long?

How many people realize that ALL of these issues are BIG GOVERNMENT issues? Oh, you say that can’t be. BUT IT IS!! The prevailing philosophy of one of our political parties keeps good things and good events from becoming reality. The bigger the government, the more dependence there will be among our citizens, the higher the taxes will be to support people who can’t find work.

And the paring down of BIG government would free up BILLIONS of DOLLARS FOR JOB CREATION, RESEARCH, and yes, COMMON SENSE PURSUITS. – OH, but there are people who fear losing BIG government—people who fear that smaller government would be horrible to imagine—why, people would die in despair—NO, They would LIVE in DIGNITY!!

Why, oh why, can’t people see that doing the opposite from the things that do NOT work — WILL WORK to achieve what we want?—good jobs, less dependence, dignity and opportunity for all who will follow this change!

We cannot have true dignity and true freedom without having true safety of our person. Failure to follow our laws keeps local police too busy and at risk. What does it do to the people patrolling our borders? Does it make their lives safer?

While we must be about more jobs, better jobs, better-paying jobs, more dignified jobs—it’s time we all took an honest look at the size and cost of BIG government—and see the connection. SMALLER government has ALWAYS been the ticket to MORE human rights AND freedoms. It’s time for SMALLER GOVERNMENT, NOW!!

Thinking once again about sticking with what works in life—I am reminded of an honest, hard-working dad who gave his growing-up daughter some down-home advice: “Dance with the guy who brung you!”

– Written by William W. Figley, age 88
U.S. Navy Veteran – World War II



What kind of question is this? Why, whatever could be meant here, whether boldly stated, or just implied? It is a very important question; so let’s begin to discuss it.

Government should always be a friend of business—legal business, of course.

Government should have an interest in any business because business creates jobs, jobs create paychecks and paychecks should bring with them some fair system of taxation, to allow the government to pay its way like a household has to. I really don’t believe that most folks with a good or even better paycheck would mind paying federal taxes if the system was fair and within the bounds of common sense.

But let’s go further than this. Government is bound by our Constitution to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

Let’s look at the real meaning of this last phrase—Promote the General Welfare—what does this really mean? Does it mean that the government should be a Big Bully and tell everyone what to do? Of Course NOT! But I sadly fear that the present bunch in Washington, D.C., doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand the meaning of: PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE.

The present Socialistic crowd in Washington, D.C.—starting with the President—thinks that Promoting the General Welfare means subsidizing any person or group with government money (YOUR tax dollars), to curry their favor and most of all—to capture their vote, forever and ever—Amen!
If the federal government was really interested in promoting the general welfare, they would try, somehow, to find out why jobs are not being created, why new businesses are not starting, and why existing businesses are expanding overseas, not here.

The answer, Dear Friends, is quite simple—the federal government in its present form, and with its present group of leaders, has forgotten or has deliberately avoided what seems obvious to so many of us: WE NEED JOBS! And people with businesses need to have in place government policies that make them salivate at the thought that they can proceed to start a business or expand their business here, in this country (not overseas).

Now, I’ll tell you exactly why these government policies are not promoting nor offering businesses and would-be businesses the clear playing field they need.

First of all, our President, Barack Obama, has said (and certainly means) that profit is a dirty word—I have heard his speeches—and don’t tell me I didn’t hear them—I did—and I have somewhat of a political mind.

Mr. Obama thinks that every business enterprise should be subject to so strict a system of regulation that between the business laws and Obama’s obsession with the division of wealth in this country, that each and every business will be muzzled and their profits cut short.

Mr. Obama shows, by his actions, that he knows absolutely nothing about the history and the founding of the greatest country on earth.

I am not attacking Obama—this statement applies to anyone else who thinks like he does. Or, it may be that Mr. Obama does know and is trying to systematically destroy the best system on earth. I believe it is the latter, but you, Dear Reader, must decide for yourself.
My statement, though I believe it is completely correct, is only my opinion. But further, I believe that we should hear the rhetoric (the talk) and then look at the result of the policies we are talking about. This should serve to assure that any thinking person can make decisions about policies that are based on results (FACTS).

Now, there is an earth-shaking second reason, besides excessive regulation of business procedure and profit that we need to look at.

I want it strictly understood, that although my political affiliation is not the same as that of the President, I am dealing in FACTS (RESULTS), not necessarily in political party positions.

The mistakes, the degree of wrong, and the worthlessness of Obamacare is almost as important a reason as the first one—as to why businesses are not moving ahead.

Businesses want a certainty of policy, and a good and outstretched hand, in help, in understanding, so that businesses are glad to be alive, and can eagerly move forward with beginning or expanding, based on certainty of government policies, not a huge dark cloud of uncertainty and unfriendliness.

I personally believe that most, if not all businesses and would-be businesses, are not only interested in profit for those who are in charge and will take risks, but that there will be a sense of pride and accomplishment, when their businesses are successful and there are jobs and employed people, and paychecks and promise of even better things. Imagine, if you can, that the day could come, when there are more jobs than applicants.

Now one political party will scream—the answer is MORE EDUCATION!! We need MORE AND BETTER EDUCATION!! Dear Friends, I am all for more and better education, but you must know that EDUCATION is the CART and JOBS are the HORSE!! You will not see education being the complete answer here. Education must be geared to the kind and type needed to fill the jobs that would be available. Let us please learn to put each piece in its place!!

Now, how can the present business climate be changed—so that government is friendly to business, not just by talk, but in reality?

The excessive, punishing business laws MUST be REPEALED. And Obamacare MUST be Cancelled, Eliminated, and, hopefully Discarded Permanently, for a healthcare system that is viable, fair and reasonable.

Now, how can this be accomplished? We must elect lots of Congressmen and Congresswomen and a President who believe in THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and the dashing, daring that our Founding Fathers put forth as they chartered a fresh, new nation, completely unlike the ones they came from and which they suffered under.

I would also favor voting for a person for public office who belongs to the political party holding these new ideas and promoting them.

I’m not against the two-party system. I am against SOCIALISM, DICTATORSHIP, and SLAVERY promoted by whoever is in charge of our government.

This is what I believe—what’s your policy??