What do I mean by this? Who has what power? Why, the power to keep an individual free and to keep his country free!

Through the years, I have seen far too much evidence of our country’s eroding of our individual freedom and our country’s freedom. Now who is at fault here if this is true? It is definitely the fault of those political people! People who have forgotten or who never knew that our country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was founded as a democracy in a REPUBLIC. Many folks mistakenly believe that our country is a democracy. It is, in a sense, but since it is almost impossible for people to individually direct a government by the means of a direct vote, we have here in the U.S.A. a democracy in a REPUBLIC. That is, we elect representatives and senators to Congress to make our laws—yes, and also to vote out some of our laws from time to time.

Now, it is appalling to realize that there are those people, who, if elected to Congress, could possibly change the kind of government we have. These people only believe in freedom for themselves, not for freedom for you and me, the ordinary citizens who scarcely ever make any headlines in the paper, and no rave notices over TV.

I, personally, can muster no respect for anyone who seeks to pull our nation down by changing the nature of our founding principles. We have had these kinds of people around and running for public offices for many years. They simply CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET INTO OFFICE.

Do we, THE PEOPLE, have the power to prevent these traitors from destroying our country? YES, WE CERTAINLY DO! And could we have the power to put OUT of office those who betray our trust? The answer, again, is: YES!

Why are people allowed in public office who attempt to enlarge the government, expand its authority, and/or automatically restrict the people’s freedoms? There is no way to disprove the fact that bigger government means fewer freedoms for the common people. It is a given. And no amount of argument can ever change it.

Now, let’s move on. The only way to begin to restrict government from becoming too large and too powerful, is to ELECT PEOPLE TO EVERY IMPORTANT POSITION IN GOVERNMENT, if not ALL positions—people who are UNASHAMED to support and actively practice limited government and expansion of human freedoms.

This is going to involve the shunning and the actual fighting against the political party which is most responsible for big government and thus fewer freedoms. I don’t need to tell you which party that is!!

It is my positive belief that a political party, and any person in authority who attempts or succeeds in ruining the job creation our country, and succeeds in ruining our system of healthcare, as is being done today by the Obama administration, is not worthy of any public office. It makes no difference what they claim to want to achieve. The have foisted absolute ruin on the middle class and nearly all of us. None of these government officials are worthy of EVER holding office again.

I can hear the cry of: “Harsh!! Harsh!!” Yeah, almost as “harsh” as the trashing of our God-given freedoms!!

Now let me review what has happened and what WILL happen with big government in charge. The Obama administration starts with the President, himself, and his disastrous health plan. Next, his threat of bypassing Congress and issuing as many Executive Orders as possible, illegal or not, to accomplish his passion to ruin our country. Next, his threats of issuing czars, or unelected, nameless, faceless stooges, to oversee important government functions. This is also illegal.

Let’s see now, we may have un-elected people governing every aspect of our lives, Folks.

Now, Dear Friends, do you realize what happens with big government and foreign ideologies running our lives? As voters, far too many have voted FOR big government. Such voters have handed over our choices and our welfare to others who have an agenda, and a goal that is contrary to a free society. People who have been elected do not have the rights of citizens and taxpayers at heart. Our interests are at the bottom of their agendas. The results of such horrible actions speak for themselves. Our citizens, including high officials, are not being protected overseas. Many have suffered death and nobody can seem to find out just who was responsible. As voters, we have, in reality surrendered our rights to others, to those who do NOT care for our safety, our government, as a whole, and who have flexed their power over us. But we as voters have allowed this to happen.

Why should a so-called free people surrender their choices and their God-given rights to uncaring politicians, many of whom are nameless, faceless, and seemingly untraceable? We will probably never find the instigators or the guilty parties involved. And guess whose money is being used to destroy the common people? IT’S OUR MONEY, OF COURSE. Do you think that this is going to change, by listening to those who caused these things—now “wanting” to “fix” them? If we have no more sense than this, we are doomed!!

As I see our situation, the plight of the common man in this country—we have handed over our power and authority for a dog-bone while our worthless politicians are enjoying a feast. Does this seem fair? NO!! NO!! NO!!

It simply boils down to this. When we, THE VOTERS, elect the WRONG people, with the WRONG ideas, the WRONG agenda, and the WRONG motives, WE lose.

We dare not send people to represent us who favor, or have favored, bigger government, fewer freedoms, or those who love Socialism over a free society. We dare NOT elect ONE MORE LIBERAL, ONE MORE PERSON WHO DESPISES THE FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, OR ONE MORE PERSON WHO WILL NEVER ADMIT TO THE WRONG HE HAS CAUSED.

Moderate candidates can NEVER cause this governmental mess to disappear. Forget those who call people like me, Radicals!! The REAL radicals are the left-wing Socialists who would destroy the freest society that God has ever allowed.

I hereby invite any who think they can prove me wrong, to proceed. If they can’t, they can join me in voting for freedom, for responsibility and for a country with the promise of unbelievable success!!

William W. Figley
APRIL, 2014