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What Has Happened to Our Country ?

At this point in time, our country, the USA, has a broken spirit.  We may very well have a broken will. And we are certainly a country that has suffered from broken promises – promises to the people that have not been kept.  We are a country where the trust of the American people in their government has been eroded and broken.

Now, it gets worse. As our country stands today, the USA is no longer a democracy.

It is sad to say that too many people cannot define the different forms of governments around the world.  If they cannot define the different kinds of government, then they can’t know what a sad situation our own government is in.

Allow me to define and explain what we call communism today. Like what we have seen in Russia, and like China, communism is actually dictatorship.  A small group runs the country and the needs and rights of all the common people are severely limited. The dictator may be absolute, or at least he has a ruling group that is absolute.

Communism today is much different than the communism of the Bible. In ancient Biblical times, members of a small group determined that all belongings and possessions would be owned by all.  This was a voluntary arrangement, among a few, probably for a limited time, but certainly with a definite and common purpose in mind – promoting and spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  It bears absolutely no comparison to the communism of today, which is dictatorship with a different name.

Socialism is a form of dictatorship in this regard – socialism comes about slowly, for the most part, and arrives without bloodshed, unlike today’s communism, which usually begins with a violent seizure of rule often by the country’s military or by some other militant and heavily armed and dangerous group.

Both Communism and Socialism have most things in common -A large sized government, fewer freedoms for people and the downgrading of the middle class, so that, essentially, it disappears.

With todays dictatorships, the taking over of government control occurs suddenly, and is quickly accomplished.  With socialism, there is a steady but gradual decline in individual freedoms and a definite limit to how far one can rise, financially, socially, or in business.

This is accomplished by ignoring or trashing the individual rights of people and the substituting of government edicts for human rights.  This process involved leadership lies and betrayals coupled with the indifference of the governed and the desire of something for nothing.

This ain’t a purty picture, folks.

To complete the discussion of government types – what is a democracy?  It is a type of government where the people have the say.  Now a pure democracy is not possible with a large or even a somewhat large population.  Se we, in the USA, have a representative form of democracy – or a democracy within a republic. (We have congress and senators to represent the views of the people).

The USA is no longer a democracy within a Republic. We have a socialistic government going towards dictatorship, and we have a dictator, King Obama.

If we continue in the direction we are headed, our country and our economy will not recover because our leaders have punished those who would create jobs, making it impossible to succeed in business and job creation.

Obama has succeeded in downgrading the USA from a super-power to a cowardly second-rate government that most countries can’t trust or respect.Our military has been deliberately downgraded and trashed, so that as a nation, we can no longer meet the security needs of our people.  The promises to protect our allies and our own people, and our borders are completely unsafe, and flowing into our nation are those types of people who would destroy us.  There may be drug runners, criminals of all types,  members of gangs, and terrorists – plus, of course, many unfortunate people who we can’t help forever, and let our own people go broke in the process.  Oh yes, there may also be human traffickers, sex traffickers and all sorts of undesirable people, who will sap the very life out of our economy – what’s left of it!!

And now may I point out another great fallacy of the Obama rule and reign.

Our government apologists are trying to tell us that the figures show that more crimes in our country have been committed by people with overstayed visas. While I have my doubts that this can be proven, there remains room to question – what are Obama and his hirelings doing about the problem of non-citizens overstaying their visas in our country? They say that nothing can be done.  HOGWASH!  We should at least attempt to address this issue.  They have no intentions of doing so.

While we’re on the subject, I hear the liberals and socialists cry with a loud voice: “We are a great nation, and a compassionate people. We should open our arms wide to all who want to come to the USA.”

But wait a minute!!

What are we really doing? Who have we left behind?  Why, the liberals have left out all the law-abiding citizens who have never been associated with a temporary visa or an unsecured southern border. How do the liberals plan to keep our country secure when thousands are coming in and we don’t know who they are?  Illegal immigrants should have no citizen rights in this country.

And who knows how many we have trusted to obey our laws who have overstayed their visas?  What do we know about either of these groups?

Who are they?

What / who are they loyal to?

Are they a threat to kill or injure our citizens?

Oh, but friend, there are possible VOTES involved here, for visa-overstayers as well as illegals crossing our border.  And beyond that, there is power – power in government handouts to bolster the popularity of the liberals and socialists.

These leaders have very conveniently trashed our laws and our legal system, with the result that our country and its law-abiding citizens are no longer protected.

Sorta seems like one of the duties of presidents and all other leaders is to protect the citizens of our country.

*** Prove to me that the present system of unsecured borders and broken visa laws does anything to protect the legal, law-abiding citizens who have been, and are the very fiber of this nation.

Both you and I know that there is no proof of security in what liberals / socialists are presently allowing.  They are proclaiming compassion at any cost – it isn’t compassion – it’s gross insanity!!

All immigration should be halted while we build a wall along our southern border, and add other measures like air surveillance, etc. to make sure that our borders are closed to illegals.

Next, no more temporary visas should be handed out that we can’t or won’t monitor.

I firmly believe that the right president, and the right congress can later make the judgment as to what to do with the illegals and those in violation for overstaying their visas.  We have a path to citizenship and if folks want to stay, they need to follow the law. There are several things we can and must do about this crisis situation.

The right people, elected by the people for the right reasons, will do the right thing for our country. Illegal immigrants, for whatever reason they have come, have no rights here – if they do have rights, then millions of legal citizens have no rights – it is just that simple. 

The decisions on illegals of any kind, by our congress and president, must first protect our citizens from harm and danger, from unknown consequences from immigrants we don’t know and whom have not been properly vetted.

Our citizens must be protectedfrom unintended consequences that wreak havoc – such as lowering the standard of living of the law abiders in favor of the law breakers.

At the time of this writing (January, 2016), there were many candidates running for the office of President of the United States.  No doubt, the two viable candidates left standing now may not be the #1 pick you may have wanted to run our country. But make no mistake about it – the current democratic party is comprised of liberals and socialists.

If we want change on how this country is run and governed, we MUST support the Republican who wins the primary nomination. And we must elect a large number of Republican senators and congressmen to help him.

 Some good, well-meaning people will be disappointed at the winner.  This cannot be helped, but all of us who love this country and are concerned about its future must unite on the candidate chosen. 

If the Republican candidate stands for 51-95% of what you believe in, we must leave it at that.  None of the candidates do I agree with 100%.  It is very unlikely that all civic-minded voters will get everything they want for their country.

This much is obvious – with any democrat now running, or any who may run, you will get a liberal / socialist or worse.  If you vote for Hillary, you will be voting for a third term of Obama – or worse.

God Bless America!!

Written by William W. Figley


Age 90, WWII Navy Veteran

NOTE: Since this article was written, we now know that Hillary has stated that she wants “open borders”.  This is an anti-American and anti-freedom stance and a should be a wake-up call to every law abiding citizen who loves our country and cares about the protection of our constitutional freedoms.

Vote for freedom and national security on November 8 – vote Republican!

What About Freedom? (And the U.S. Constitution)

I don’t care what philosophy of government you call what I am saying – I care about the Constitution of the United States of America…not because it is a rule and much more than a suggestion…

I care about the Constitution because, when it is followed, it brings about and provides safety and security and well-being for American citizens that other systems of government do not and cannot provide.

The Rule of Law that is fair, not oppressive, brings forth freedom and safety for all.  Can the Rule of Law always bring about happiness for each person?

We all know that it cannot.  But it comes close to helping a person achieve happiness than any other system.

You know – I’m a little tired of politically correct labels when it comes to types and styles of governments.

In one of his great dramas, Shakespeare said… “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let’s start to unravel some of the mysteries about the various forms of government.

Our government, according to the Constitution, provides us with “A democracy within a republic.”

A Republic is a form of government where as much individual freedom than can be good for all – is allowed and encouraged.  Not everyone can vote on everything, and with as many people as we have in the USA, we elect people to represent us and to decide what to do about government, and what not to do – we, the people, still have the authority (the whip hand) to make changes in who we elect to represent us.

Now  – when leaders decide to rule contrary to the Constitution and its spirit, you have what you are seeing today.

It is one thing to clarify some action or idea – it is quite another to fundamentally change the rules and guidelines that made us “The Greatest Nation on Earth”, we were that once – now we are certainly not.

And what is the result of the changes within the last 7 or 8 years of this country’s history?

We no longer value human life as we ought, we promote national policies that weaken our government, put our citizens in mortal danger, ignore what our servicemen and women have fought for.  We have ruined our middle class, and pushed government dependency upon millions, and we, as a government, have acted like we don’t know anything (and we don’t).

Now, let’s get even more basic.

We have taken away peoples’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we have become, in this country, a semi-communist nation with King Obama at the head of it.  Obama, this foe of individual freedom, has a proven record of over-stepping his authority as president at least 32 times (this was written in midsummer of 2015, so we are WAY ahead of this figure now) and we have done nothing about it.

Look around you  – look at England (British Isles and every European nation).  Show me who now has, or has ever had – a system of government like ours at the beginning of their country.

You know you can’t find one.

By looking at Europe, Asia, Africa and every other place, you can find many, many flaws in their systems.  Their governmental systems have never and can never equal or come close to what Americans had.

Then, why try to be like them?  Will anyone (except a few would-be kings) ever find any freedom, hope or happiness under the system of government they are proposing for common Americans?

And this fact should not shock you – can anyone prove that leaders who espouse the socialistic communistic type of government – have they ever lived under the regulations they have put upon the common citizen ?

NO!! And they never intend to.

Can this be true?


And example would be the health-care coverage offered to our legislators – which is not available to any of the rest of us.

Think about it!

— Written by William W. Figley (midsummer, 2015)

WWII Vetaran of the U.S. Navy (and still not retired at age 90)



I read a story in a professional pharmacy magazine many years ago which has great pertinence for today. I thought that it was not only interesting, but timely and fitting as well. In fact, it compares strikingly with present day governmental situations in our country.

The word is pronounced “Tawn-stoff-el”.

The little story goes something like this:

Long ago in a far country was a little village that was peaceful and peace-loving – the people there were caring and good-hearted – most everything that a family could need in these simple times was made in this little village and was sold at very reasonable prices.

The founding fathers there (we will call them the village fathers) came together and said, “We have wonderful people here, and they are peaceful folks. We need to do something good for these good people to show that we care for them.” So they decided to provide free circuses for their great people. The people were delighted and many attended the free circuses, which offered showings all during the days and into the evenings.

The village fathers were delighted, but they thought that they should do more. So, they provided free hammocks for each and every circus-goer, so that each one would be rested and comfortable watching the free circus.

This went on for some time, and the village fathers decided to go still further. They decided to provide free bread for the good citizens to eat while lying in their free hammocks, watching the free circuses.

But shortly after, something strange began to happen to the good people in the little village.

Suddenly, or so it seemed, there appeared to be no shoes available in this little village; no pants, no dresses or other necessary items required for their simple lives.

What, oh what were the village fathers to do about this? They pondered, they studied, they talked with one another. Finally they came, as a group, to a decision.

They would all go for advice to the wise old man of the mountain, who lived on a mountaintop, two or three miles out of town. They began their important trek, through the little village, and to the base of the mountain where the wise old man made his abode. Up the steep mountain they trudged, with canes and walking sticks to help them navigate, until at last they finally arrived at his place.

The old man of the mountain greeted them, and had them sit down and tell their story. The wise old man was very patient, and he listened to every word that was said.

When the group had finished their story, the wise old man of the mountain lifted up his head, and uttered a single work – “Tanstaffel”, which being interpreted is: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!”