I sincerely believe that in many circumstances of life, and in many considerations, some of the age-old questions still remain, largely unanswered.

As far as mankind is concerned, someone has posed old but unanswered questions about everyone’s earthly life:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

I believe these are very fair questions, and the answers, lived out in each of our daily lives, will determine our destiny.

I certainly believe that philosophers and students, as well as many concerned people, have pondered these questions, and have tried to find the answers.

First of all, “Who am I?” Well, you are a man or a woman; of whatever age you choose to be. Are you like the animals, which have good instincts, but limited reasoning power? Proper reasoning would say, “No!” Animals have instincts (automatic actions); men and women have the power of thought. So man is above the animals in brain power. But who is man—who created him or caused him to be? It would have to be someone, or some force that is superior to man.

Science has shown that evolution from a one-celled being or animal is, at best, an unbelievable possibility. It takes intelligence to create a being of intelligence. Could it be an intelligent creator, seeking to create a being that could relate to him?

The next question is really tied in very closely with the first. If we say we can’t tell, and thus we don’t know who or what created us as human beings—then we really cannot say who we are.

Now we are not talking about the sexual process of conception and birth, of whatever species we are considering.

By what or by whose hand are we allowed to be born? (come into existence?) Who gave us the power to produce sons and daughters? It certainly cannot be a product of our own will!

No—by all powers of reason, man could only have been created by a superior being, and the bible tells us that this is God.

Now if you disagree with this reasoning, explain to me how man came to be, and woman also. You will, of course, have much explaining to do, and it must make sense.

Then, let’s go on. Why am I here?

Do you, Do I, Does any man or woman, have any purpose for being on earth, for being born? This goes beyond saying I’m here in Ohio, or Oklahoma, or another country. This means, why am I alive, and on earth, somewhere?

Is there any purpose for anyone’s life on earth? What about your life, friend? Is it important enough that you, or I, should be here, and be part of society, or is mankind, and every person here, for no purpose? Science itself has a purpose, as simple or as complex as that may be.

Isn’t it depressing and disheartening to assume that all of life, humanly speaking, is an accident—that it has no meaning, no purpose, and no relevance to anything? People who think this way are criminals, rapists, murderers or worse. Do we think of ourselves this way? I hope not!!

No, it really makes no sense to think that all people and all life as accidental and worthless. Instead, it makes perfect sense to think that there is a God in heaven, an intelligent being, a creator, and a caring and loving spiritual person—a person interested in connecting with us, interested in receiving glory from our lives and our accomplishments. Otherwise, all life, all accomplishments, all relationships are worthless, accidental and without meaning.

I am reminded of an old gospel tract, which I imagine has been out of print for many years. The title is, “Suppose it is True After All — What Then?” I still remember that this gospel tract was colored orange and white, very provocative-looking and nicely designed.

The tract, on the inside, had this message: suppose it is true, after all—that there IS a God in heaven, an all-seeing, super-intelligent being who created man in his own image, and gave him status and opportunity on the earth. Suppose that this God, this superior being hoped that man might bring glory to His Creator, would love Him and obey Him.

This, I firmly believe was God’s expectation, His hope, His purpose for man, and mankind. But wait!!! There is more! Suppose that man does not always do what is right. Suppose he doesn’t completely understand what is right. Suppose he makes mistakes, some on purpose, some mistakes the result of poor choices. Man is certainly not perfect, as God is perfect.

And to make our situation a bit more complicated, shouldn’t we be aware that God, a super-intelligent being, would be aware that man would often fail, often disappoint his God, often cause God distress? I believe we can assume that quite readily.

So we have a perfect creator, and an imperfect created being (many, many of these). How can this situation be resolved?

We find, as we study God’s Word, The Bible, thoroughly, we discover that from the beginning of man’s creation, man had a free will. God gave him a free will, the ability to choose, to sift circumstances for the truth.

There are those who say that man does not have a free will—these people have not studied nor observed the history of man. I can point to Adam and Eve and quickly disprove such a notion. And throughout the history of men and women, I can show you that man has a free will.

We all can easily, or should easily accept that, because we have law abiding people and we have criminals—murderers, rapists, robbers, kidnappers, sexual perverts, etc.—no one can prove that the free will of man is not involved in these things. Man has a choice in his behavior.

Why did God ever give man a free will? Wouldn’t it be better if man were programmed so that he couldn’t do wrong? I believe that the Bible clearly indicates that God wanted man to have a free will and to love and obey Him rather than to be a robot in his being. What would be of glory to God, except man’s love towards God, and his obedience to God?

Now, let us proceed to the last question of our inquiry—Where am I going? (Where is man going?)

God has definitely indicated in His Word, that there is a life after death. Scripture after Scripture declares this. And since God, The Creator, has made provision for all men—let’s look at this.

God has clearly told us that there is an eternal consequence for sin (wrongdoing of any kind). Ezekiel 18:4 – “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” And further, Romans 3:23 -“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

God has also told us, in His Word, that there is a way out of our sin problem—Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “God, who at sundry (many) times and in divers manners (many ways) spoke in time past unto the fathers by (by means of) the prophets—has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, in whom He has appointed heir of all things, by whose authority also he made the worlds.

Jesus Christ, The Son, came to earth, born in a miraculous way, grew up as a man (but He was the God-man), taught the people, healed many, and offered all—to all people—eternal life, by believing in Jesus and calling upon God to forgive sins and to provide us a home in heaven, and everlasting life.

For the sake of time, I will list several verses of Scripture which illustrate and prove these points: John 3:16; John 3:18; John 3:36; Romans 5:8; and Romans 5:1.

The sin problem is dealt with by our receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and sin-bearer. He died on the cross in our place, bearing our sins, and thus, satisfying God, that our sins were covered by the very person we had sinned against. The only one who can forgive sins is THE One whom we have sinned against.

So the question: “Where am I going?” (meaning through life and beyond earthly life), has been answered by God Himself, in John 3:36. We have great words and hope for the saved—he that believeth on The Son has everlasting life, God abideth in him.

Heaven, the after life for the forgiven sinner, could never accept those who have never received Jesus Christ as Savior. – Why?

Because they remain in their sin and disobedience, and have not received the free gift of eternal life. Their destiny is settled by their own free will and choice. God, in the person of God The Father, and God The Son, cannot and never will force a decision upon man. The free will of man does not allow it.

God, in His plan, takes the free will He has given man, offers man the solution to his sin and shortcomings, and guarantees man’s forgiveness and a home in heaven when the earthly life is over.

Friend, where are you going? What have you done with your sin, and with God’s most incredible offer of forgiveness and eternal life?

The gift is there, the offer is there, Jesus is there to receive and cleanse any and all who call upon Him—receive Jesus as sin-bearer and as Lord—while you have earthly life (see Romans 10:9 and 10:13). Be saved and rejoice forevermore.