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Government and Freedom

Folks, I’ve said it many times before and it is an absolute tenet of truth: You cannot have the wrong view of government and the correct view of individual liberty.

You see, a government and its leaders must understand and support the facts and the foundations of a government that promotes the rights of individual freedom within the law. Yes, the law must protect everyone.

You cannot have a free country under a system of socialism, where the government is so large and promotes dependency for so many people. Why not?

Because socialism is not sustainable in the long run without taking away much individual liberty from so many.  Oh yes, some may get a free ride from government handouts, but at the loss of much individual freedom.  

There is a great loss of initiative also.

Initiative is defined by a desire and a striving to do better, accomplish more, and to elevate one’s loss of self-worth when depending on a government whose only source of income is punishing taxation and whose only means of survival is lowering the standard of living of everyone to pay for the giveaways.

We, in the USA, have never won a battle with such a system, and we never will.

Show me a poor man who hires thousands of people!! You know it isn’t possible. Then why punish the rich, (or at least the richer people) – who can provide jobs, and in addition to that, dignity and self-fulfillment- and yes, a desire to help others?

Why worry about someone becoming rich, or at least richer than they were, when they, through the taking of risks, can provide decent jobs?

And let me state again – if you have the wrong idea of government, you will automatically have the wrong idea of individual liberty.

If you believe, as you should believe, that our fundamental human rights come from God, you can begin to form a successful form of government and allow people to at least pursue success and happiness.

Our Bill of Rights states this – and this started out to be the correct basis for government and for the human rights of citizens…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…that all men are created equal…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unaliaenable rights…that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Now, I ask you – has this premise been used and promoted under recent US Governments?


And unless and until it is, the ideas of men and not of God will prevail in our society, causing pressure, and lies, and unnatural decisions to be made, and so will cause the loss of freedoms, opportunity, dignity and self-worth for most of us.

For, you see, socialists and worse never intend to live under the same laws they put upon you and me.

Unfortunately, some voters do not trust anyone and they think that nothing can ever change in our government.  I understand that, but I am talking about a system of government that restores freedom, opportunity and hope.  Such a system succeeded under the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan, which provided smaller government, more jobs, and more freedom for all.  

This system can certainly work again.

It is common sense, or should be, to do certain things.  Yes, within the law, we can do certain things and then expect certain results.  It will happen again if we elect people with the right concept of human government.  

If we don’t, our survival time as a free nation will be very short.

—- Written by William W. Figley, (mid-summer, 2015)

WWII Veteran of the US Navy




I’ve written many articles on Big Government. But here, I want to try to put the most pertinent facts about big government in one place, so that there can be no misunderstandings.

Many people are distrustful of government, of both major political parties. And yet, there are definite distinctions between these parties as to their beliefs and actions.

To me, it is unfair to brand both major parties alike. Since the days of the New Deal and the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Democratic party has developed great movements toward Socialism, and strong tendencies to change or destroy Constitutional rules that would benefit all people. Folks, this is a fact, based upon real historical events of record in our society. For a moment, please, try to view these government tendencies by the facts, rather than by merely believing smooth talking rhetoric or emotion.

The Republican party has definitely tended toward government according to the Founding Fathers and our Constitution, even though far from perfectly at all times (and we see of late that there are also Republicans who will fight to sustain big government and keep the status quo).

Now, the factual difference is simply this: bigger government, Socialism, and veering away from our country’s founding principles is wrong and has never worked. A wise person can surely see that policies which fail should no longer be followed. So that really should, for the time being, send us, as citizens, way beyond just Republican and Democrat.

It will be impossible for me or anyone to cover all the circumstances in one piece of dialogue – but allow me to proceed.

The middle class of the U.S.A. has been profoundly affected (negatively) by the advent of Socialistic and big government tendencies; and, we see today, that lack of good jobs (and good-paying jobs) is one of the sad results. However, all that the public heard from our Socialistic government (under Obama) is that ‘progress is being made’. The Feds even took credit for job creation that their own rules had discouraged; this job creation only came about because of the proactive legislation of a few states.

Let’s define the middle class. Most might say that earnings should define them; however, there are other factors that should be considered. Tops in earnings for a middle class person could be $250,000. That, in my view, would be much higher than a norm or medium income. In addition to income, I would add that most of the middle class has similar characteristics such as the willingness to work hard, risk-taking, and responsibility, and knowing when to take advantage of opportunities, if so presented.

The U.S. Constitution provides (Section 8) that the Congress shall have power to collect taxes, duties, imports and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S. citizens.

Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence, long considered to have equal authority with the Constitution of the United States, says this:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destruction of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Now, let recollect what has happened under Democratic party government whenever the House and Senate had the majority. The Constitutional clause – The General Welfare – has been fundamentally enlarged to the breaking point – by enlarging the central government, and so promoting the monstrosity of big bloated government at the cost of the loss of individual freedom.

big government,2018 midterm electionsLet’s break this down. The bigger your government becomes, the more money is spent, the more government intrudes into your individual life, the more social programs the government creates, and the fewer freedoms each person really has. Why? Because the more government giveaways, the less freedom you have. You are caught up in a vote-buying system which promotes the government giveaways at the expense of individual choice, a direct premise of our Constitution. And be assured – these are not truly “giveaways” – every penny will be sucked from our wallets through increased taxes! All of us ought to cherish individual choice, and the pride and dignity that goes with it.

Now let me just list for you the most, but not all, of the problems of bigger government so that we can clearly see them:

(1) Big government has a definite tendency to become bigger. Those in power have, and certainly enjoy, more and more control over your lives.

(2) Big government must, of necessity, become even larger (and more intrusive into our lives) because it must perpetuate itself, promising more benefits and thus controlling more of your life.

(3) The bigger the government, the more rulers must be in place to manage the affairs of government over your personal life. Obama calls them Czars (a Russian concept), ruling over your affairs – UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS who will do the bidding of big government. Now these UNelected bureaucrats are unknown, unelected, nameless, faceless, unavailable to the public, and unaccountable to the people at large. You cannot know them – you will not know them – because they are part of the bigger government, not the people.

(4) Big government always results in fewer freedoms for the common man, and fewer choices within the few freedoms that remain. Why? Because you, the voter, the common man, are NOT running things any longer.

(5) Big government has to intrude into people’s personal lives – they have no other place to go in order to expand. People may realize some day what has happened and what should be done about it, but such realization often comes too late.

(6) Deficit spending promotes bigger and bigger government, since government giveaways and choosing winners is their strategy- in order to become bigger in influence.

(7) Bigger government denies individual dignity and working towards new accomplishments and a better life. Instead, we have had a middle class that is restricted, downgraded, and literally dared to attempt to rise above – in money, in influence, and in any other way. And furthermore, many of the previously labeled “middle class” are now in the poor class in terms of money and income.

(8) Big government always ends up in involving itself in areas of life where it has no business. The size alone of big government makes such government inefficient in handling such matters.

(9) Big governmenet involves itself in matters which the Constitution proves belong to the states. The people have a much louder voice in matters decided on the state level. States will listen. Big government hasn’t and won’t.

(10) Big government teaches people to be dependent who need not be so. “Oh, dear, good ol’ Uncle Sam will bail us out.” I hear that a lot. Very dependent citizens cannot then individually rise to to the occasion when bad things happen: economic woes, terrorism, overly zealous schemes that go wrong, etc. They sadly put their own well-being in the greedy paws of the government.

(11) Bigger and bigger government will, the long run, collapse under its own weight. Borrowing from China and other nations, puts the person loaning the money (or the country) in a position to demand more in repayment, or to take over parts of our economy.

Now, let us briefly discuss what things central government should be involved in and why, and some of the things that central (Federal Government) should NOT be involved in and why.

Tall order, you say? Not really.

In my considered opinion, government must be responsible for things that people and states should not be involved in. 

Of necessity, Declaration of War or martial law, or any kind of political action involving other countries, and the carrying out of war, if necessary, are jobs belonging to the Federal Government through proper channels provided in our Founding documents.

Protection of our borders – all of our borders – from all enemies and illegal people seeking to enter.

The government must be responsible for laws and regulations that promote the general welfare in this precise fashion: providing for a level playing field for people and businesses, and equal chance to succeed. There can be no exceptions, special favors, or cronyism here.

Government must provide for the most opportunity for individual freedom, an individual pursuit of happiness and gain, and in so doing, employ, employ the fewest regulations possible to ensure safety and fairness.

Keep Out, Big Government!

An example of things the government should stay out of would be education, health services, etc. There are no doubt other areas as well.

The only thing government should do concerning education should be to advocate that the states require the teaching of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence – in all schools.

This latter would insure that our Constitution is upheld, and our country would become and would maintain itself as the finest form of government known to man.

And now, to wind up our message – any type of government that teaches and preaches government dependency beyond that of necessity to help to the sick and disabled is opening the gates of disaster for the individual and the trashing of his God-given rights.

If we elect or allow law-makers, holders of positions of trust, including Senators, Congressmen and Presidents, to practice liberal policies (big government policies), we will have allowed our beloved country to disintegrate and to eventually disappear.

America, the U.S.A., as it was originally, was Constituted to be the best form of government on earth. It can be restored to that again, but time is running out. Will you be part of this great, important, revival – at whatever the cost?

I hope so!! I don’t like saying: “Too late!!”

– Written by Bill Figley,
Professional Musician, Student of Government and of Politics
Navy Veteran W.W. II

What Has Happened to Our Country ?

At this point in time, our country, the USA, has a broken spirit.  We may very well have a broken will. And we are certainly a country that has suffered from broken promises – promises to the people that have not been kept.  We are a country where the trust of the American people in their government has been eroded and broken.

Now, it gets worse. As our country stands today, the USA is no longer a democracy.

It is sad to say that too many people cannot define the different forms of governments around the world.  If they cannot define the different kinds of government, then they can’t know what a sad situation our own government is in.

Allow me to define and explain what we call communism today. Like what we have seen in Russia, and like China, communism is actually dictatorship.  A small group runs the country and the needs and rights of all the common people are severely limited. The dictator may be absolute, or at least he has a ruling group that is absolute.

Communism today is much different than the communism of the Bible. In ancient Biblical times, members of a small group determined that all belongings and possessions would be owned by all.  This was a voluntary arrangement, among a few, probably for a limited time, but certainly with a definite and common purpose in mind – promoting and spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  It bears absolutely no comparison to the communism of today, which is dictatorship with a different name.

Socialism is a form of dictatorship in this regard – socialism comes about slowly, for the most part, and arrives without bloodshed, unlike today’s communism, which usually begins with a violent seizure of rule often by the country’s military or by some other militant and heavily armed and dangerous group.

Both Communism and Socialism have most things in common -A large sized government, fewer freedoms for people and the downgrading of the middle class, so that, essentially, it disappears.

With todays dictatorships, the taking over of government control occurs suddenly, and is quickly accomplished.  With socialism, there is a steady but gradual decline in individual freedoms and a definite limit to how far one can rise, financially, socially, or in business.

This is accomplished by ignoring or trashing the individual rights of people and the substituting of government edicts for human rights.  This process involved leadership lies and betrayals coupled with the indifference of the governed and the desire of something for nothing.

This ain’t a purty picture, folks.

To complete the discussion of government types – what is a democracy?  It is a type of government where the people have the say.  Now a pure democracy is not possible with a large or even a somewhat large population.  Se we, in the USA, have a representative form of democracy – or a democracy within a republic. (We have congress and senators to represent the views of the people).

The USA is no longer a democracy within a Republic. We have a socialistic government going towards dictatorship, and we have a dictator, King Obama.

If we continue in the direction we are headed, our country and our economy will not recover because our leaders have punished those who would create jobs, making it impossible to succeed in business and job creation.

Obama has succeeded in downgrading the USA from a super-power to a cowardly second-rate government that most countries can’t trust or respect.Our military has been deliberately downgraded and trashed, so that as a nation, we can no longer meet the security needs of our people.  The promises to protect our allies and our own people, and our borders are completely unsafe, and flowing into our nation are those types of people who would destroy us.  There may be drug runners, criminals of all types,  members of gangs, and terrorists – plus, of course, many unfortunate people who we can’t help forever, and let our own people go broke in the process.  Oh yes, there may also be human traffickers, sex traffickers and all sorts of undesirable people, who will sap the very life out of our economy – what’s left of it!!

And now may I point out another great fallacy of the Obama rule and reign.

Our government apologists are trying to tell us that the figures show that more crimes in our country have been committed by people with overstayed visas. While I have my doubts that this can be proven, there remains room to question – what are Obama and his hirelings doing about the problem of non-citizens overstaying their visas in our country? They say that nothing can be done.  HOGWASH!  We should at least attempt to address this issue.  They have no intentions of doing so.

While we’re on the subject, I hear the liberals and socialists cry with a loud voice: “We are a great nation, and a compassionate people. We should open our arms wide to all who want to come to the USA.”

But wait a minute!!

What are we really doing? Who have we left behind?  Why, the liberals have left out all the law-abiding citizens who have never been associated with a temporary visa or an unsecured southern border. How do the liberals plan to keep our country secure when thousands are coming in and we don’t know who they are?  Illegal immigrants should have no citizen rights in this country.

And who knows how many we have trusted to obey our laws who have overstayed their visas?  What do we know about either of these groups?

Who are they?

What / who are they loyal to?

Are they a threat to kill or injure our citizens?

Oh, but friend, there are possible VOTES involved here, for visa-overstayers as well as illegals crossing our border.  And beyond that, there is power – power in government handouts to bolster the popularity of the liberals and socialists.

These leaders have very conveniently trashed our laws and our legal system, with the result that our country and its law-abiding citizens are no longer protected.

Sorta seems like one of the duties of presidents and all other leaders is to protect the citizens of our country.

*** Prove to me that the present system of unsecured borders and broken visa laws does anything to protect the legal, law-abiding citizens who have been, and are the very fiber of this nation.

Both you and I know that there is no proof of security in what liberals / socialists are presently allowing.  They are proclaiming compassion at any cost – it isn’t compassion – it’s gross insanity!!

All immigration should be halted while we build a wall along our southern border, and add other measures like air surveillance, etc. to make sure that our borders are closed to illegals.

Next, no more temporary visas should be handed out that we can’t or won’t monitor.

I firmly believe that the right president, and the right congress can later make the judgment as to what to do with the illegals and those in violation for overstaying their visas.  We have a path to citizenship and if folks want to stay, they need to follow the law. There are several things we can and must do about this crisis situation.

The right people, elected by the people for the right reasons, will do the right thing for our country. Illegal immigrants, for whatever reason they have come, have no rights here – if they do have rights, then millions of legal citizens have no rights – it is just that simple. 

The decisions on illegals of any kind, by our congress and president, must first protect our citizens from harm and danger, from unknown consequences from immigrants we don’t know and whom have not been properly vetted.

Our citizens must be protectedfrom unintended consequences that wreak havoc – such as lowering the standard of living of the law abiders in favor of the law breakers.

At the time of this writing (January, 2016), there were many candidates running for the office of President of the United States.  No doubt, the two viable candidates left standing now may not be the #1 pick you may have wanted to run our country. But make no mistake about it – the current democratic party is comprised of liberals and socialists.

If we want change on how this country is run and governed, we MUST support the Republican who wins the primary nomination. And we must elect a large number of Republican senators and congressmen to help him.

 Some good, well-meaning people will be disappointed at the winner.  This cannot be helped, but all of us who love this country and are concerned about its future must unite on the candidate chosen. 

If the Republican candidate stands for 51-95% of what you believe in, we must leave it at that.  None of the candidates do I agree with 100%.  It is very unlikely that all civic-minded voters will get everything they want for their country.

This much is obvious – with any democrat now running, or any who may run, you will get a liberal / socialist or worse.  If you vote for Hillary, you will be voting for a third term of Obama – or worse.

God Bless America!!

Written by William W. Figley


Age 90, WWII Navy Veteran

NOTE: Since this article was written, we now know that Hillary has stated that she wants “open borders”.  This is an anti-American and anti-freedom stance and a should be a wake-up call to every law abiding citizen who loves our country and cares about the protection of our constitutional freedoms.

Vote for freedom and national security on November 8 – vote Republican!

What Is Wrong With the National News Media?

Now what do I mean by the national news media? I simply mean the TV newscasters, the writings and editorials of the nationally known newspapers and other publications, and any and all news that is covered by them, by whatever means.

Not all national news media entities are guilty of what most are. Most are guilty of treason – because of their Socialistic/Communistic views and news conclusions. Oh, but you say…”Free Speech!!”  Yes, Free Speech!! But there comes a time when the limits of Free speech have been exceeded and damage has been done to a free country and a free people. And by free, I mean FREE, but subject to the laws of decency and common sense, AND – NOW GET THIS – subject to the laws governing a free people, and the greatest country on earth.

Is it wrong for a news entity to lift up principles contrary to those which made this country great? Yes, indeed, it is. And, Free Speech cannot be used to justify such an approach.

Now, you may say, “In what way does this national news media tear down the principles that made this country great?” Simply by making fun of every principle of conservatism, and bashing all conservative people and movements, and automatically consigning all conservatives to the bottom of the trash can!! And they are also intolerant of Christians in a big way! Is not the Christian way of life part of religious freedom? You would not know this by looking at some of the slanderous and negative cartoons bashing Christians and Christian behavior. I have had personal experience with this – with local newspapers even. It is shameful. But it shows you, or should show you, that the national news media in great part hates what you believe and tries to limit your voice and reason.

Now one could say – who or what is behind the record of the Socialistic national news media? I have heard that only billionaires can afford to own and operate national news media, be it spoken or written, I cannot say that is so, because I don’t know.

This much I do know – policies of business, news or otherwise, filters down from the very top to the very bottom, as to those involved as overseers, employees, etc. The more powerful and the more determined those at the top are, the more likely is the social message to go along and agree with those at the top. It is inevitable that the stronger the message from the owners and managers, the more likely that employees in the middle or near the bottom of the list had better agree or get out.

So, I have every right to assume that the prevailing social and political attitude at the top is what comes out of the horn at the bottom.

Now, it is probably true that many newspapers or TV stations are motivated by sensational headlines, bizarre happenings, etc. But when their news is stuffed full of talk that downgrades America, I believe we must draw the line. Except for Fox News and maybe a few others, there is no conservative message for the citizen of the U.S.A. All of us are daily bombarded with facts that are often twisted, truth that is omitted, and a heavy drumming against conservatives that defies common sense.

Character assassination is rampant, opinion is given as fact, and dishonesty abounds, and Socialism at the top it touted as the answer, never mind the facts – that most of Socialism (if not all of it) does not work, has not worked and will not work if a land is to remain free.

Oh, yes, Socialists – be sure to give a free pass to all the liberal leaders – why it’s the fault of George W. Bush, Herbert Hoover, or Abe Lincoln!! The present government under Barack Obama has more buddies that you can count who won’t be subject to the same laws as you and I are, if we are the least bit conservative. This has already happened. No Socialist or Communist ever intends to live under the same laws he piles on you and me!!

Now, let’s roll along. What about our allies? What do they think of us? Look at the chances we have had to further our country’s safety – chances blown by those at the top.

Ronald Reagan referred to America, the U.S.A., as the shining city on a hill. We used to be.

But under the Obama government, at least to many of our allies, this shining city on a hill has become “a shanty in old shanty-town”, powered by a 15watt light bulb.

Appeasement of our enemies, lies, hiding the truth, announcing to our enemies when we are pulling our troops out of a country, and trying to make international agreements by giving away the farm in the process – these things are being done.

And, dear friends, our Socialistic news media is praising our leaders at every turn, excusing their behavior, encouraging more Socialism, more dependency of our middle class, trashing those who would speak the truth, villifying the good and excusing the bad.

It is time, true Americans, to show our pride in honesty, respect, truth and openness in government.

You will not mind if I share a story of my wife’s grandfather, on her Dad’s side. He was nearing 90 and a cancer was discovered on one ear. The doctors decided they must cut out this cancer, and they did, leaving a piece out of the affected ear. Grand-Dad Harry Atha, a kind, if crusty gentleman, went to see his doctor for a check-up a few weeks following the surgery. The nurse met with him before the doctor came in, and she, thinking she might have a little fun with Harry, said to him, “Well, Mr. Atha, how do you feel, now that a piece of your ear is gone?” And Harry said, a little gruffly, “Well, if I didn’t have a little bit of pride, I’d be sittin’ along the railroad track, heating up some coffee in a tomato can!”

You know, dear friends, it is time to show some pride in our country, and to endeavor to return our country to the level of pride that honest folks remember. Sadly enough, it will be necessary for each of us who love our country and the principles that made her great, to work tooth and nail to restore her to the sanity of conservative government once again.

Conservatism could be defined in the old way – it could be defined as a system of very few changes, very few improvements. If it ever meant that, it was wrong. It should be defined as adherence to timeless principles of goodness and compassion, which could take a different form, but yet remain honorable, compassionate, common-sense, practical in its solutions, and above all, solutions that preserve and enhance personal liberty and with it, personal responsibility – pride, vision, hard work, visible and practical results that build up mankind, an individual and corporate life. Now show me that Obama’s government shows that!!!

Now, what needs to happen with the national news media – to change or lower their voice, their anti-Christian, anti-common sense, anti-freedom attitude and actions? Simply this: raise up more news media of a positive and anti-Socialistic view, and strengthen Fox News and any other newspaper or medium – support and promote them to the hilt. You may find a lot of small town or medium town newspapers that would be happy for this type of encouragement.

You might think that such an accomplishment would be impossible, but I’ll give you an example. General George Washington’s rag-tag army defeated the British and we became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! How seemingly impossible was that??

Now it is possible that severe competition could seriously erode the Socialistic national news media, even to the point of collapse. Also, town meetings, and mid-town soap-boxes could arise all over our country, demanding a quick return to national sanity, and declaring the truth about big government, its excesses and its bad results. I’m ready to be a soap-box orator for individual freedom and responsibility – are you? Those who deal in truth have results to bolster their position. Talk is cheap. Results of the correct programs of government should convince all who can be convinced.

And one other thing – and I speak to myself as well as to all who will listen. Conversion of a Socialistic government to one of common sense, Constitutional law, and maximum individual freedom will take some time. If everyone, or even most of those in favor of that will understand that each person may not achieve quite all of their personal dreams, all motions towards these results should be embraced. There is always room for fine-tuning laws and regulations at a later time.

What could happen to our country, to our individual liberty within law, to our hopes, dreams, financial hopes, etc., if the national news media could be changed to rule of law and common sense in all of their writings and orations? Let me create a scene for you.

Suppose that the national news media was now led by several groups – TV, newspapers, etc., who would invite discussions about government policies – policies that work – to provide jobs, good jobs, hope for the downtrodden, truth and transparency in government.

You might expect truth in reporting, clear and concise facts and almost, above all, reporting that separates facts from opinions. You could expect illuminating speeches and written articles that lift up America, point out the dangers and flaws of big government and Socialism.

Articles would appear in the national news media – articles of praise for Congressmen and other elected officials, who have begun movements towards removing regulations that hamper business growth and startup. There would be encouragement for congressional leaders and members who are striving to re-write our tax laws, laws that punish businesses in the U.S. and cause some to expand oversees, instead.

Oh, this list goes on. What about praise for these lawmakers who have just voted in the 2nd oil pipeline, and are assured that our President will not veto it. You will not achieve this if your president is a Socialist, or worse.
You will love national news articles that point out the dangers of bigger and bigger government, and applaud legislation that reduces the size of our government – and also would remove the snooping and disdain of the government we now have, to one of compassion and dedication to reasonable privacy.

And I would be extremely happy for the news media to report our (now) desire and our progress in once and for all, firmly securing our borders against danger, drugs, criminals, and terrorists. Now to do this, our government had best consult with the governors, mayors, and law enforcers in the regions affected by illegal border crossings. In my type of anti-Socialist government, this would be a given.

Now of course, there would arise the problem of the illegals we already have, what to do with them, how to treat them, as well as not to cheat legal immigrants already doing the right thing. I’m personally struggling with this, and an anti-Socialistic national news media could lead the way for a national discussion and conclusion – giving opinion even if properly offered as opinion, and not being judgmental, because there will be many opinions on this matter.

Moving on, I could see a renewed commitment on the part of a national news media with opinions given about things such as these: our national debt and how best to deal with it. Our present government (Socialist or worse) could not survive if it were a household, big or small.

Next, energy independence, by and by – it can’t happen overnight!   What a role could be played by national news, TV and others if good stories and great ideas would be put forth by the media, stating these ideas and who fostered these ideas. Energy independence could easily become fuel for reporting all good ideas and the why of them, and praise to all who have helped in any way to further each step toward energy independence. As we would proceed toward this goal there should be noted a satisfaction that less and less of our money would be going to countries who hate us.

But let me sound a warning – the U.S.A. does not have a lot of time to right the ship of state. Let me paint you a picture, friends. You can represent the conservative, common sense movement. You are in jail, and the jail door is still unlocked – but Obama and his rat-tailed Socialists are moving toward your cell, and they have the key. They plan to imprison you forever, or shoot you tomorrow. Isn’t it time to take action??

-Composed by Bill Figley (March,2015)
Professional Musician, Student of Government
and of Politics, Navy Veteran W.W.II


One would think it would be utterly ridiculous to even think that the laws of foreign countries should ever be a part of the legal system of the United States of America. I would add to this that “ridiculous” should also apply to any country, province or protectorate of the United States.

Now if a U.S. citizen commits a crime in another country, obviously, he will be and should be subject to the laws of that country. Any attorney helping our citizen will be at a disadvantage in defending any U.S. citizen in such a situation. It cannot be otherwise.

I am greatly concerned when there are rulings by some high-court judges that muddy the legal system here in the U.S.A. There is often a hint (or more) of foreign country law in their pronouncements. The defendant could be a U.S. citizen, or a foreign citizen, or not a citizen of any country. I ask you: WHAT BUSINESS DOES A FOREIGN LAW HAVE IN CASES INVOLVING A CRIME IN THE U.S.A?

 No foreign law should merit or have any authority in the U.S.A. and should not even be allowed as a frame of reference.

Note: How do you think we have remained a free country up until now? It is precisely our laws, rules, and intents of the Constitution, Declaration, and Bill of Rights that have set us apart from other countries and kept us free. Why did we leave England? Why do people from EVERY other country want to come here?

Now, let’s get to the real reason for any of this kind of travesty. Only liberal judges and lawyers would even attempt to bring foreign law into play for a crime committed in our country. In order for either a lawyer or a judge to have this opinion, they would need to violate or ignore the Constitution of the United States.

Dear reader – can you see that violation of our U.S. Constitution would have to take place in order for such a liberal interpretation of the law to be made? The ignoring of our constitution and our Bill of Rights IS and SHOULD BE a federal crime.

If our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, if either is ignored by our legal system, then NO U.S. CITIZEN HAS ANY RIGHTS AT ALL, and our protective laws may be interpreted any way a judge sees fit.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are very clear as to their intent, and very little argument can be made even involving states’ rights. The ignoring or manipulating of states’ rights (and thus peoples’ rights) has resulted in Obamacare and in the promoting of rules regarding education that are shameful and unconstitutional. We ought to see, as a free people, what a social and legal disgrace has been created by the liberals, when the federal government intrudes into matters where it lacks the legal right.

Now, returning again to matters of U.S.A. Criminal law, it is now high time for the leaders of the Muslim faith to get very specific and very vocal with their people – to stand up, in public, and proclaim that true Muslims hate and despise the terrorist acts made by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and any and all hate groups throughout the world, that the actions of such groups are despised and rejected as a way of life, and that Muslims in the U.S.A. have no part or sympathy with such people or movements.

And I will go further. I would challenge Muslims and non-Muslims alike to search out the language and the meaning in the Koran. Does the Koran mean that only those who believe and practice its premises should be allowed to live? If so, then the Koran should be banned in the U.S.A., and it principles ignored and disavowed by all – Muslims and non-Muslims. Anything contrary to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be banned because it works against the freedoms to which U.S. citizens are entitled.

Now, I may be criticized for this – but I don’t really care because the truth of any matter always works against those who despise truth.

Many people have certain foreign customs, customs that they love, customs they brought from their country of origin. The question I pose is simply this: if foreign customs and practices are permitted in public, or permitted at all – are these practices allowable under our Constitution, protecting or at least not threatening the rights of others of different religious persuasions?

This is very important. ALL of us came from some other land or country – even the American Indians, who, according to most research, were pretty largely Europeans. (A few tribes were Chinese, Mexican and South American.)

We need to consider what message or messages that public displays of foreign customs send to those of us who do not have or display such customs. This usually involves matters of dress, head-coverings, etc. The Bible has this correct. The Bible says we should avoid doing things that cause others to stray or get the wrong idea about life. It even suggests, as the great Apostle Paul said, that we should sacrifice and take a loss if our actions can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Perhaps it may seem harmless to us. But it could cause a weaker person (in the sense of beliefs) to go astray. So, if such be the case, we need to refrain from taking such actions.

This, dear friends, is public awareness, and demands careful thought. All people in the U.S.A., whether legal citizens or not, should be well aware that freedoms for ALL can only be preserved when we do not violate the freedoms of anyone.

I would challenge the leaders of any block of people: BE REAL LEADERS. Study your own customs, and be very careful that public displays of your customs (especially religious customs) do not send the wrong message to others. If there is any question as to implying superiority of your customs’ displays, these displays should be voluntarily discontinued in public.

Since my writing here in this venue is angled towards what I see in some courtrooms today involving Sharia law (maybe tomorrow involving something else), I would urge Muslim leaders and people of Muslim faith to publicly disavow the terrorists who claim that their authority for killing comes from the Koran (or from Mohammed, or anything or anyone else), and the beliefs of these groups which they claim for their actions–their violence and utter disregard for human decency.

These terrorists must be denied and must be condemned by Muslim leaders and those of the Muslim faith. Muslims’ actions must reflect their desire to embrace and to be a part of a free society, here. Freedom for some is NOT the same as freedom for ALL.


I have long pondered this great question in detail. Is there, by any chance at all, a quick and easy marker or guideline to determine, up front, who is fit to serve in government and who is not? Yes, indeed there is.

Now, dear reader, you need to understand a few things very clearly. Your very life, not to mention a decent life, hangs upon this very marked principle.

I am now 89 years old, a Navy veteran of W.W.II and I am a person who greatly desires to leave some legacy from his life which will benefit mankind, and especially U.S. citizens, regardless of age or social standing.

I have practiced two professions – maybe you could say three. Being a registered pharmacist for 30 plus years would be one. Being a rental landlord and business building owner, would be two. And I now am a practicing professional musician. This would be the third profession.

My dad was a career public school teacher and administrator, and he was a bit of a philosopher, as was his own father.

Perhaps I am a bit more of a political thinker than either of them, but considering that the times were different, maybe not.

Our federal government is, frankly, a disaster today – proceeding to marry the citizens of the U.S.A. to a system of Socialism – or worse. We have a president who has exceeded his constitutional authority well exceeding 28 to 30 times, in matters of extreme importance. He has not, and will not, follow the Constitution of our great country, which gives powers to the President, the Congress (both Houses), the states, and the people.

I expect to be challenged here, as to my statements and my conclusions, and I would be glad to be challenged as a younger man, but now – especially as an elderly person – for what I believe and WHY.

Let me review, for each of you readers, a great statement from the Declaration of Independence, a document having equal authority with the Constitution of the United States of America:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

You may see this portion of the Declaration discussed in my writing entitled “Big Government.” In this present article, I am talking about a different aspect of the same thing.

Now please read carefully and understand – any person who does not totally believe that our rights come from God should never be allowed to hold high public office, either federal or state level and maybe not even municipal level. WHY? I know that I will hear that said, maybe shouted!!

And here is my answer to the “WHY.”

Anyone who does not believe that God gives us these rights must believe that someone or some group gave these rights to us. That leaves the obvious conclusion: our rights then, as outlined in the Declaration, are given to us by some person or government official, or group of people. Now, what do we have?

Why, we have the rule of man over our lives. And, what kind of man or what kinds of men do we then have? Men of power, men of influence, men of prestige, men of money and wealth and whatever else men might need to keep themselves in a position of power.

Now God is not about to take away the rights He has given to a people whom He has designed to be free – oh, yes, “we the people” may neglect these rights, or question them (if we are that ignorant), or try to change the meaning of these rights, so as to make them of no effect.

Now I need to remind my readers of something that they may wish to avoid or question. If a person or group of people does not acknowledge God as the giver of these rights, then they believe that our rights come from man – not “any” man or group, but the man or group who now has the rights of all of us in his human hand. It should be an obvious deduction, but I am afraid it has been missed.

Anyone who believes in anything, any premise, any philosophy, will, in his or her position of power, do all in their power to accomplish what THEY believe in.

What one believes, one will try to mold, make, and establish. In the entire history of man, it has never been different. The kindly, the benevolent person tries to establish kindness, in attitude and in deed. The power-grabber, the dictator, the unscrupulous leader will quickly try to act out the things he believes in. And ever so slowly (and sometimes quickly), the leader or leaders in power seek to accomplish what THEY believe in – at the cost of ANYONE standing in their way.

So, in essence, what a person believes, he will try to accomplish and establish. And so, another possibility arises – might such a person use lies, cruelty, abuse, or loss of life against anyone who disagrees with him and his so-called “beliefs?” ABSOLUTELY!!!

You have heard the quotation: “Power corrupts – Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”!!

If we, as a free people (or having once been a free people), expect to regain the God-given freedoms we once had, and retain them, we, therefore, cannot allow people who believe our rights do not come from God to hold any public position of trust – for they who believe our rights come from man will do all in their power to take away our God-given rights and give us the miserable so-called rights of whatever man in power deems necessary to keep us from rebelling.

Now I am not saying that a man who believes our rights come from man and groups of men has no rights and privileges. We would allow him or her to be a decent law-abiding person, good marriage mate, and allowed to bounce grandchildren and great-grandchildren on their knee as often as they wish. But should we allow them to hold high public office?

To do so, we would forfeit our rights to provide fair treatment for everyone and dignity for all deserving of such. We would neglect to follow God’s recipe for successful lives for all and equal opportunity for all.

Now one more thing – being “created equal” does not mean we all have equal mentality or equal abilities. It merely means that our lives are of equal value and of equal importance to God, regardless of our financial or social status. We all should be equal under the law.

We could very likely, in my system, need new political parties, with different names. It would be a very small price to pay. We would have individual freedom within laws that protect everyone.

Shouldn’t this be what the U.S.A. is all about?



Back to the Basics in my mind is the same as Back to Common Sense.

Allow me to illustrate.

I am really quite sick of hearing the left-wingers, the Socialists (and worse) of accusing the Republican Party of never being willing to compromise with them in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

This is what needs to happen in the United States of America. Individuals and especially voters need to consider the two great political parties and the prevailing views of these parties as secondary to the individual views of all public office holders, including primarily the Senators and Representatives, both federal and state. The political parties will have their proper role in getting legislation passed, according to the prevailing views and ideas of individual senators and congressmen (and women). In these days, there is entirely too much to do with the views of each party and not enough to do with the individual views of the office holder.

In this way, the political parties will be more correctly oriented to what the members of each party believe. Each of the two great political parties needs to reflect the ideas of the members, not the other way around.

Senators, Representatives and Presidents need to be selected on the basis of their own political, social, patriotic and spiritual beliefs rather than personal persona and political party. If this is done, even partially, you will see a great difference in the way our country is run, and in the meeting of the needs of all citizens of the U.S.A., whether of voting age or not.

Now let’s get to the real heart of the matter and to the heart of the life of citizens of the U.S.A.

NO ONE IN THIS LIFE ON EARTH, NO ONE OR NO GROUP OR ORGANIZATION can get by and accomplish anything good on earth without some rules. Liberals delight in having as few rules as possible, and their rules have to establish and continue their way of life. The rules they hate are any rules that subtract from their authority and/or restrict their control over the lives of others.

It is an awesome responsibility to govern a country. You cannot be fair and have a double standard, that is—one set of rules for those who govern, and a much more harsh set of rules for everyone else.

Now let’s go further. What should our governing rules be? Why, The Constitution of the United States of America – the rules that made this nation the greatest on earth – “the shining city on a hill” – yes, the greatest land of opportunity by far than any other nation on earth.
Why don’t we have this now? What has slowly happened to create joblessness, fewer jobs, fewer decent jobs, huge increase in the size of our government, huge government deficits, with interest payments on borrowed money at a scandalously high level? What has happened to the trust we, as a people, used to have, most of the time, in our elected officials?

Why have we allowed the opinions of some to nullify the religious rights of other people, and claim unfairness and tragedy if Christian beliefs, symbols and customs are allowed to express not only Christian beliefs, but traditional American values – values that have been part of the American heritage for years and years.

The answer is very simple, folks. We have two political parties in the U.S.A. who have completely opposite views of politics and religion.

The Republican Party, in general, believes in the sanctity of human life, freedom of religion, the sanctity of traditional marriage (one man and one woman), limited government, responsible government, balanced budgets, reductions in federal spending and handouts, the elimination of unelected officials, as is being carried out today (unelected officials: people with no names and no faces, running our lives). The Republican Party, in general, believes in a government and in government officials who are honest, who don’t lie, and don’t cover up the truth about what happens under their direction.

Now let’s look at the present Democratic Party. In general, democrats believe in abortion on demand, homosexuality and lesbianism, and other perversions of human relations. They definitely believe in larger and more intrusive government – at the top. They believe in unlimited federal spending for Socialistic causes, a weaker military force, and as little government accountability as it is possible to have, and dishonesty in high places.

Now I’m sure, not all democrats, perhaps, want this, but the few who don’t are swimming upstream against the current of the vast majority of their party.

Also we are seeing, in too many instances, the view that it is o.k. to bash Christianity and its beliefs, yet also o.k. for every other system of religion to have its say without compromise. Every other view of spirituality and religion will be upheld by the liberals, but the Christian viewpoint is not being protected.


Look at the situation our country is in today, and explain to me, what the liberal, left-wing position of government has done to what used to be the greatest nation on earth.

We are in the job situation we are in because we have a bunch in power who want NO RULES OF CONDUCT,NO ACCOUNTABILITY of GOVERNMENT, and the right to deny God and His influence in our lives, and absolute authority at the top.

I’m not saying that one party is to blame for all of this, but I’m saying, that every if you, the voter, the citizen, don’t care much for any rules of life or government, why is it that we find such a governmental mess, as now? When you have no rules, this is what you get!!
Further than this, the policies of our present government, since 2008, has been to turn our country from a Republic (technically, a Democracy in a Republic) into a Socialistic, semi-Communistic state, appearing very much like those governments our Founding Fathers fled from years ago, when our great country was established.

Does this make any sense to you? If it doesn’t, Dear Friend, YOU are part of the problem, and certainly not part of the solution.

You cannot have true freedom with the degree of joblessness we have today—you cannot have true freedom if you have a government with less and less accountability—less and less caring—less and less common sense—and less and less like the government of our forefathers, where the Constitution provided some rules. It is our departure from the rules that is the cause of our deep problems.

Now, let’s deal with what has been said earlier. A compromise in the House and Senate amounts to a surrender to a Socialistic and irresponsible type of government, that heretofore we have not known. This is why one party doesn’t want to compromise with the liberals and left-wingers – it isn’t a question of a little better way of doing things – it is a question of denying the rules (The Constitution), the great structure that has contributed to every success we have had as a nation.

NO ONE I know of has ever found true success (without hurting others), if they have ignored or denied the basic rules that have made us what we are. We are aware of the hurt of joblessness, of lack of protection for some of our citizens, of lies and cover-ups. It does not matter which party is in power, which party has violated the basic core beliefs of a true republic – this must end or we will have no country to enjoy, for safety, for accomplishment, for pride, for justice, for fairness.

It is inherently wrong to take from one person and give to another, regardless of “The Greater Good” speeches I have heard. Socialism has been a disaster everywhere it has been practiced. There are no exceptions. When you destroy incentive, you attempt to make everyone alike. This kills a person and a nation.

Everyone who compromises with what is wrong is guilty of being wrong. If we still value a decent country, we cannot compromise with wrong, lest we become part of the wrong.

Each citizen, whether of voting age or not, needs to be part of the solution to our problems, not part of the problems.
Those who preach compromise at any cost are guilty of destroying part of the basics of the best country on earth. There can be NO COMPROMISE with evil, with wrong, with our country’s precious beliefs.

Just look at what is happening in our country – just for a quiet moment, realize that whoever is in charge of our government must mind rules that work, that create jobs, and opportunity, and fairness and dignity.

Our spend-thrift leaders have all but bankrupted our country, even now. When is our government going to live under the same financial rules as a household has to? Think about it – don’t let political parties cloud your vision. The only real question for a candidate for office is: WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?

It would be a big help to many voters if the two great political parties became (ALL) CONSERVATIVE and (ALL) LIBERAL. We would ALL, then, at least know what we have.

Conservatism is and always will be the course of common sense. Liberalism will always be, in general, anti-religious, power-hungry, less than honest, and by their beliefs, destructive to decent government, to individual liberty and opportunity, and to common sense.

Citizen – Take your choice!! What kind of country and what kind of life will you have??



Big government results in the loss of many of your freedoms, as well as the freedoms of others. It creates job paralysis, a crippled middle class (the backbone of America) and puts many people from the middle class into the poorer class – and creates higher taxes. Also, it puts you under the rule of un-elected bureaucrats (who care only for their own agenda, not for your welfare), and under rules that crush you rather than rules that give you opportunity.

It is not part of our Constitution that the U.S.A. must be the world’s “policeman”; and, indeed, we could not be, even with our seemingly unlimited resources. If we tried to do this in any depth at all, then all the lives and wealth of our citizens would be consumed and we would be at war forever with the wealth of each citizen allocated and spent–no matter how much or how little.

But it IS in our Constitution, that the duty of the federal government is to protect our citizens. This could mean action abroad against enemies who could harm us in the future. In fact, we have already been through that in World Wars I and II, in many other conflicts and in many other countries, including Arab countries. A wise federal government will have to decide what constitutes a future threat to our citizens and what does not.

Now, what does all this come down to? What is the point of it all? Simply this: unless you have elected people in government who are dedicated to OUR LAWS AS WRITTEN IN OUR CONSTITUTION, you will never have the results that a free people are entitled to. You will never have law and order – which brings personal peace and far-reaching opportunity for ALL, if they will accept the chances given to them with the blessing and the promotion of our government. Government does not need to subsidize businesses, but government does need to embrace and preserve the freedoms which its citizens are entitled to—not only under the law, but further than that, to give its people the right to pursue their dreams. The government has no right nor authority to trash the dreams of one group in order to give advantage to another group of people.

Now the problem that this brings to light is this: how many or what percent of big government thinkers and/or lawmakers can be persuaded to become adherents to our Constitution and Rule of Law, which includes Common Sense?

My personal opinion is, not many. Perhaps if after the Rule of Law has been in effect for several years, some might see the wisdom in allowing businesses to flourish and business dreams and personal accomplishments to be the norm. Why am I [SO SKEPTICAL]? Because converting anyone from our government philosophy to a vastly different one is quite uncertain. The Apostle Paul was changed from a bruising, punishing legalist—in his time—to a compassionate and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. Ronald Reagan was once a follower of The New Deal, the start of liberalism in this country. Where would we be now without his conversion and dynamic example?

It seems then that the only way to get people into governmental power, who are dedicated to a FREE economy, millions of jobs, great financial prosperity and fulfillment of the dreams of many, is to elect only people with this mindset and determination and to allow the political party that is dedicated to the FREE MARKET SYSTEM and to results that give our people freedom and dignity to TAKE OVER. And THEN BE EVER VIGILANTabout: government secrecy, lies, cover-ups, and any activity by government to promote any ideas that trash The Constitution, The Rule of Law, or any open opportunities that we are all entitled to. Then, I do believe that we will be on our way to the kind of life and the type of country that our Founding Fathers dreamed about.

Proof of failure of the Obama administration or any other, seems to me to be about jobs. If we don’t have decent jobs, where is our opportunity? Where is our dignity? Where is our hope? Where is our reason for trying? What reason have we to give to our children, and eventually to their children?

There is an old saying: “Without a vision the people perish!” And I might add: “Without a fulfilled vision, we have failed!”

We have college students who graduate with specific degrees, in vocations that are common, who end up working for Wendy’s or McDonald’s because there are no jobs for them.

The important thing is what we DO, not necessarily what we title it. Do we want jobs? Do we want fulfilled dreams? Do we want opportunities? Do we want safety? Do we want honesty in government? Do we want pride in our government? If we do, we have to elect people with pride in the right things. Do we want religious freedom in this country? We don’t have it now. Christians, Jews and Catholics are being targeted. The I.R.S. is targeting legitimate businesses or would-be businesses.

It’s the same old story, Folks. It will never end until it is discredited completely. In a FREE COUNTRY, we MUST have equality of opportunity. We cannot afford equality of results. It is not up to government to decide if a prospective business will succeed or fail. The I.R.S. is trying to do that even as we speak…

Written by William W. Figley
August, 2014




What do I mean by this? Who has what power? Why, the power to keep an individual free and to keep his country free!

Through the years, I have seen far too much evidence of our country’s eroding of our individual freedom and our country’s freedom. Now who is at fault here if this is true? It is definitely the fault of those political people! People who have forgotten or who never knew that our country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was founded as a democracy in a REPUBLIC. Many folks mistakenly believe that our country is a democracy. It is, in a sense, but since it is almost impossible for people to individually direct a government by the means of a direct vote, we have here in the U.S.A. a democracy in a REPUBLIC. That is, we elect representatives and senators to Congress to make our laws—yes, and also to vote out some of our laws from time to time.

Now, it is appalling to realize that there are those people, who, if elected to Congress, could possibly change the kind of government we have. These people only believe in freedom for themselves, not for freedom for you and me, the ordinary citizens who scarcely ever make any headlines in the paper, and no rave notices over TV.

I, personally, can muster no respect for anyone who seeks to pull our nation down by changing the nature of our founding principles. We have had these kinds of people around and running for public offices for many years. They simply CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET INTO OFFICE.

Do we, THE PEOPLE, have the power to prevent these traitors from destroying our country? YES, WE CERTAINLY DO! And could we have the power to put OUT of office those who betray our trust? The answer, again, is: YES!

Why are people allowed in public office who attempt to enlarge the government, expand its authority, and/or automatically restrict the people’s freedoms? There is no way to disprove the fact that bigger government means fewer freedoms for the common people. It is a given. And no amount of argument can ever change it.

Now, let’s move on. The only way to begin to restrict government from becoming too large and too powerful, is to ELECT PEOPLE TO EVERY IMPORTANT POSITION IN GOVERNMENT, if not ALL positions—people who are UNASHAMED to support and actively practice limited government and expansion of human freedoms.

This is going to involve the shunning and the actual fighting against the political party which is most responsible for big government and thus fewer freedoms. I don’t need to tell you which party that is!!

It is my positive belief that a political party, and any person in authority who attempts or succeeds in ruining the job creation our country, and succeeds in ruining our system of healthcare, as is being done today by the Obama administration, is not worthy of any public office. It makes no difference what they claim to want to achieve. The have foisted absolute ruin on the middle class and nearly all of us. None of these government officials are worthy of EVER holding office again.

I can hear the cry of: “Harsh!! Harsh!!” Yeah, almost as “harsh” as the trashing of our God-given freedoms!!

Now let me review what has happened and what WILL happen with big government in charge. The Obama administration starts with the President, himself, and his disastrous health plan. Next, his threat of bypassing Congress and issuing as many Executive Orders as possible, illegal or not, to accomplish his passion to ruin our country. Next, his threats of issuing czars, or unelected, nameless, faceless stooges, to oversee important government functions. This is also illegal.

Let’s see now, we may have un-elected people governing every aspect of our lives, Folks.

Now, Dear Friends, do you realize what happens with big government and foreign ideologies running our lives? As voters, far too many have voted FOR big government. Such voters have handed over our choices and our welfare to others who have an agenda, and a goal that is contrary to a free society. People who have been elected do not have the rights of citizens and taxpayers at heart. Our interests are at the bottom of their agendas. The results of such horrible actions speak for themselves. Our citizens, including high officials, are not being protected overseas. Many have suffered death and nobody can seem to find out just who was responsible. As voters, we have, in reality surrendered our rights to others, to those who do NOT care for our safety, our government, as a whole, and who have flexed their power over us. But we as voters have allowed this to happen.

Why should a so-called free people surrender their choices and their God-given rights to uncaring politicians, many of whom are nameless, faceless, and seemingly untraceable? We will probably never find the instigators or the guilty parties involved. And guess whose money is being used to destroy the common people? IT’S OUR MONEY, OF COURSE. Do you think that this is going to change, by listening to those who caused these things—now “wanting” to “fix” them? If we have no more sense than this, we are doomed!!

As I see our situation, the plight of the common man in this country—we have handed over our power and authority for a dog-bone while our worthless politicians are enjoying a feast. Does this seem fair? NO!! NO!! NO!!

It simply boils down to this. When we, THE VOTERS, elect the WRONG people, with the WRONG ideas, the WRONG agenda, and the WRONG motives, WE lose.

We dare not send people to represent us who favor, or have favored, bigger government, fewer freedoms, or those who love Socialism over a free society. We dare NOT elect ONE MORE LIBERAL, ONE MORE PERSON WHO DESPISES THE FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, OR ONE MORE PERSON WHO WILL NEVER ADMIT TO THE WRONG HE HAS CAUSED.

Moderate candidates can NEVER cause this governmental mess to disappear. Forget those who call people like me, Radicals!! The REAL radicals are the left-wing Socialists who would destroy the freest society that God has ever allowed.

I hereby invite any who think they can prove me wrong, to proceed. If they can’t, they can join me in voting for freedom, for responsibility and for a country with the promise of unbelievable success!!

William W. Figley
APRIL, 2014


Oh, My!!

A subject most people know about and a subject that has been unresolved for far too long now,.

For years our southern border has been an extremely porous area. In recent years, and especially now (late August, 2014), we find an ever increasing danger to our national security that congress and the president cannot or will not address.

Very, very recently, thousands of children crossed over into the U.S.A., about 90,000 or more. Why? Why this horrific number?

It is one thing for adults to violate our borders—we have seen a lot of this, but all these children?

What do we do about all this illegal influx of people, let alone children, that we know little about?

First of all, consider that we have the best country in the world – at least, we did have – until Socialism, false leadership, and criminal negligence, have made our borders a joke to millions, and an ever increasing menace to a free society, to citizens entitled to protection from danger or the threat of danger.

Let us consider who crosses our borders and why—it is mind-boggling to list those who come—it is very easy to guess “why”, but the “who” (who these people really are) can often remain a mystery

Of course, we know that there are gun-runners, smugglers, international criminals, drug smugglers, low-lifes of all kinds, and much more—like terrorists, Islamists, and dissidents galore.

Then there are disadvantaged people from Mexico, South America, the Caribbean area, and beyond, seeking a better life.

Now this is where things get sticky in our thinking. A very recent TV discussion revealed that those who came seeking a better life and more freedom are not really refugees, as some assume, because refugees are those seeking to escape death because of revolution or government breakdown. True, many seek something better than the life they have, but they are not refugees. They had homes, even though they weren’t always good homes.

Now, some very serious issues must be dealt with, ASAP.

As it not stands, our great country is deluged with adults and children they don’t know about, as well as those who criminally brought them here, and broke our laws. Does anyone think, if they stay (and surely some will hide and stay), that we can pay their way—millions upon millions, for food, water, housing, education, jobs, college, homes, etc.?

It is not a question of compassion, and I believe we all have some of that; but, it is a question of protecting LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS, and not allowing a bankrupting financial result against those who must pay the bill.

President Obama will not even go to the Texas border with Mexico or to any actual borders with Mexico in other states, to see for himself what havoc is being allowed. The governor of Texas attests to this. Our entire system of protection for our citizens is almost completely broken because of the terrible influx of illegals. In addition, I have carefully followed the Senate and the House in the U.S. Congress, and it is, in my opinion, the fault of the Senate that a very stiff immigration policy has not been established.

Now let’s move along to the rights violations against U.S. citizens, from Texas and California to Maine and Rhode Island.

I may have to get a little personal in this regard, as I have just experienced a violation of my own rights in a similar way. I am a citizen of a small town in west-central Ohio, and I have personally witnessed violations of my rights for the possible benefit of those who were not entitled to rights at the expense of mine.

Whenever violations of citizens’ rights occur, wrong has been done by those responsible, regardless of how well-meaning the actions may be. This is not the American way. It is not only illegal and immoral to sacrifice one person’s rights for the possible good of another, it is also contrary to common sense. Quite often such action is unnecessary and certainly ill-advised.

It is fundamentally wrong, to do wrong, in order to do something right for someone else, worthy or not. Anyone who engages in such practices not only crosses the legal line, but sets an example of tearing down the country.

Now, if we were to compare this to the immigration issue, those allowed to come into our country illegally have NO rights, or should have NO rights; there was NO permission, NO offer of payment or exchange—just coming into the country uninvited, whereas others had already secured their rights by status, hard work, and obeying the law.

And, of course, the do-gooders will do all in their power to avoid paying for their mistakes and disregard of rights that they had NO authority to change. Too many times in our country’s history, compassion for others has been treated as permission to right perceived wrongs, without regard to the rights of anyone else. It is never correct to trash the legal rights of some in order to (hopefully) try to help others.

There ARE legal means to re-dress and correct wrongs, and if such means are not followed, no one will have any rights at all.

There is an age-old story that has been around forever that might possibly explain the immigration issue, as well as other issues.

There was a goose that laid golden eggs, and this was a delight. But someone with little knowledge and worse judgment killed the goose for immediate food. But guess what?

There were no more golden eggs.

Written by
William W. Figley, age 88
U.S. Navy – World War II