What kind of question is this? Why, whatever could be meant here, whether boldly stated, or just implied? It is a very important question; so let’s begin to discuss it.

Government should always be a friend of business—legal business, of course.

Government should have an interest in any business because business creates jobs, jobs create paychecks and paychecks should bring with them some fair system of taxation, to allow the government to pay its way like a household has to. I really don’t believe that most folks with a good or even better paycheck would mind paying federal taxes if the system was fair and within the bounds of common sense.

But let’s go further than this. Government is bound by our Constitution to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

Let’s look at the real meaning of this last phrase—Promote the General Welfare—what does this really mean? Does it mean that the government should be a Big Bully and tell everyone what to do? Of Course NOT! But I sadly fear that the present bunch in Washington, D.C., doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand the meaning of: PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE.

The present Socialistic crowd in Washington, D.C.—starting with the President—thinks that Promoting the General Welfare means subsidizing any person or group with government money (YOUR tax dollars), to curry their favor and most of all—to capture their vote, forever and ever—Amen!
If the federal government was really interested in promoting the general welfare, they would try, somehow, to find out why jobs are not being created, why new businesses are not starting, and why existing businesses are expanding overseas, not here.

The answer, Dear Friends, is quite simple—the federal government in its present form, and with its present group of leaders, has forgotten or has deliberately avoided what seems obvious to so many of us: WE NEED JOBS! And people with businesses need to have in place government policies that make them salivate at the thought that they can proceed to start a business or expand their business here, in this country (not overseas).

Now, I’ll tell you exactly why these government policies are not promoting nor offering businesses and would-be businesses the clear playing field they need.

First of all, our President, Barack Obama, has said (and certainly means) that profit is a dirty word—I have heard his speeches—and don’t tell me I didn’t hear them—I did—and I have somewhat of a political mind.

Mr. Obama thinks that every business enterprise should be subject to so strict a system of regulation that between the business laws and Obama’s obsession with the division of wealth in this country, that each and every business will be muzzled and their profits cut short.

Mr. Obama shows, by his actions, that he knows absolutely nothing about the history and the founding of the greatest country on earth.

I am not attacking Obama—this statement applies to anyone else who thinks like he does. Or, it may be that Mr. Obama does know and is trying to systematically destroy the best system on earth. I believe it is the latter, but you, Dear Reader, must decide for yourself.
My statement, though I believe it is completely correct, is only my opinion. But further, I believe that we should hear the rhetoric (the talk) and then look at the result of the policies we are talking about. This should serve to assure that any thinking person can make decisions about policies that are based on results (FACTS).

Now, there is an earth-shaking second reason, besides excessive regulation of business procedure and profit that we need to look at.

I want it strictly understood, that although my political affiliation is not the same as that of the President, I am dealing in FACTS (RESULTS), not necessarily in political party positions.

The mistakes, the degree of wrong, and the worthlessness of Obamacare is almost as important a reason as the first one—as to why businesses are not moving ahead.

Businesses want a certainty of policy, and a good and outstretched hand, in help, in understanding, so that businesses are glad to be alive, and can eagerly move forward with beginning or expanding, based on certainty of government policies, not a huge dark cloud of uncertainty and unfriendliness.

I personally believe that most, if not all businesses and would-be businesses, are not only interested in profit for those who are in charge and will take risks, but that there will be a sense of pride and accomplishment, when their businesses are successful and there are jobs and employed people, and paychecks and promise of even better things. Imagine, if you can, that the day could come, when there are more jobs than applicants.

Now one political party will scream—the answer is MORE EDUCATION!! We need MORE AND BETTER EDUCATION!! Dear Friends, I am all for more and better education, but you must know that EDUCATION is the CART and JOBS are the HORSE!! You will not see education being the complete answer here. Education must be geared to the kind and type needed to fill the jobs that would be available. Let us please learn to put each piece in its place!!

Now, how can the present business climate be changed—so that government is friendly to business, not just by talk, but in reality?

The excessive, punishing business laws MUST be REPEALED. And Obamacare MUST be Cancelled, Eliminated, and, hopefully Discarded Permanently, for a healthcare system that is viable, fair and reasonable.

Now, how can this be accomplished? We must elect lots of Congressmen and Congresswomen and a President who believe in THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and the dashing, daring that our Founding Fathers put forth as they chartered a fresh, new nation, completely unlike the ones they came from and which they suffered under.

I would also favor voting for a person for public office who belongs to the political party holding these new ideas and promoting them.

I’m not against the two-party system. I am against SOCIALISM, DICTATORSHIP, and SLAVERY promoted by whoever is in charge of our government.

This is what I believe—what’s your policy??