What About Freedom? (And the U.S. Constitution)

I don’t care what philosophy of government you call what I am saying – I care about the Constitution of the United States of America…not because it is a rule and much more than a suggestion…

I care about the Constitution because, when it is followed, it brings about and provides safety and security and well-being for American citizens that other systems of government do not and cannot provide.

The Rule of Law that is fair, not oppressive, brings forth freedom and safety for all.  Can the Rule of Law always bring about happiness for each person?

We all know that it cannot.  But it comes close to helping a person achieve happiness than any other system.

You know – I’m a little tired of politically correct labels when it comes to types and styles of governments.

In one of his great dramas, Shakespeare said… “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let’s start to unravel some of the mysteries about the various forms of government.

Our government, according to the Constitution, provides us with “A democracy within a republic.”

A Republic is a form of government where as much individual freedom than can be good for all – is allowed and encouraged.  Not everyone can vote on everything, and with as many people as we have in the USA, we elect people to represent us and to decide what to do about government, and what not to do – we, the people, still have the authority (the whip hand) to make changes in who we elect to represent us.

Now  – when leaders decide to rule contrary to the Constitution and its spirit, you have what you are seeing today.

It is one thing to clarify some action or idea – it is quite another to fundamentally change the rules and guidelines that made us “The Greatest Nation on Earth”, we were that once – now we are certainly not.

And what is the result of the changes within the last 7 or 8 years of this country’s history?

We no longer value human life as we ought, we promote national policies that weaken our government, put our citizens in mortal danger, ignore what our servicemen and women have fought for.  We have ruined our middle class, and pushed government dependency upon millions, and we, as a government, have acted like we don’t know anything (and we don’t).

Now, let’s get even more basic.

We have taken away peoples’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we have become, in this country, a semi-communist nation with King Obama at the head of it.  Obama, this foe of individual freedom, has a proven record of over-stepping his authority as president at least 32 times (this was written in midsummer of 2015, so we are WAY ahead of this figure now) and we have done nothing about it.

Look around you  – look at England (British Isles and every European nation).  Show me who now has, or has ever had – a system of government like ours at the beginning of their country.

You know you can’t find one.

By looking at Europe, Asia, Africa and every other place, you can find many, many flaws in their systems.  Their governmental systems have never and can never equal or come close to what Americans had.

Then, why try to be like them?  Will anyone (except a few would-be kings) ever find any freedom, hope or happiness under the system of government they are proposing for common Americans?

And this fact should not shock you – can anyone prove that leaders who espouse the socialistic communistic type of government – have they ever lived under the regulations they have put upon the common citizen ?

NO!! And they never intend to.

Can this be true?


And example would be the health-care coverage offered to our legislators – which is not available to any of the rest of us.

Think about it!

— Written by William W. Figley (midsummer, 2015)

WWII Vetaran of the U.S. Navy (and still not retired at age 90)